Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)

Latest Signatures

1,377Heather O'LearyOttawa, ONCanada
1,376Ditta KasdanHalifax, Nova Scotia
1,375john rossersointula, BC
1,374Ingmar LeeDenny Island, BCCanada
1,373Roxanne KasdanSaint John, NBCanada
1,372alouette larkmontreal, quebec
1,371Dena KealWest Vancouver, BCCanada
1,370Donna KasdanSaint John, NBCanada
1,369J.G, Mathesonglace Bay, N.S.CanadaCBRT&GW # 507
1,368david riddellgrand bend, ontariocanada
1,367Catherine MoorMontréal, QuébecCanada
1,366Mary KapronOttawa, OnCanada
1,365Daniel Cayley-DaoustGatineau, QuébecCanada
1,364Alex ThummOttawa, ONCanadaSolidarity for Palestinian Human Rights uOttawa
1,363Sterling SherwoodAlbuquerque, New MexicoUSAIndividual

Please stop doing anything that helps Isreal's destruction of Palestine.
Isreal is not an ally of Canada or the U.S. or anyone.

1,362Maureen StarkOttawa, OntraioCanada
1,361Judi PringleFredericton, New BrunswickCanada
1,360Heidi BrewerFredericton, New BrunswickCanada
1,359Sophie LevesqueFredericton, New BrunswickCanada
1,358Courtney RyderPetitcodiac, NBCanada
1,357salim amartoronto, oncanadaprivate citizen
1,356Karen ShueToronto, OntarioCanada
1,355Laurie MacBrideGabriola, BCCanada
1,354s lawrencesaanichton, bc
1,353winifred rajsicst. john 's, nlcamada
1,352L J ShumkaVictoria, BCCanada
1,351michele robsontopley, bccanada

I am pretty much convinced that by the time I retire, ten years from now, there won't BE a pension fund. I don't want Canada buying ANY arms for ANY war. When did Canada change from being WORLD PEACE KEEPERS ...wanna-be ONE WORLD ORDER, americanized, corporate greed, screw the environment, back room deal kind of country?

1,350Sultan SomjeeBurnaby, BCCanada
1,349Sharon Priest-NagataVancouver, BCCanada
1,348Katherine DunsterDenman Island, BCCanada

This is not what I want MY pension dollars to be invested in. Please stop this now.

1,347Sandra RuchToronto, ONCanada
1,346Susan CampbellMontreal, QCCanada
1,345David OrsiniToronto, ONCanada

Please stop facilitating the terrorism of the Israeli state.

1,344Ahti TolvanenThunder Bay, ONCanadaLakehead Unitarian Fellowship, Social Justice Chairman

Canadian firms also sell billions in arms in oppressive regimes such as those in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Armoured vehicles and other Canadian equipment have been used against masses of innocent citizens by these goverments, citizens whose only crime was demanding the same rights and freedons we Canadians value and for which members of our own military have risked and given their lives.

1,343Audrey TobiasToronto, ONCanada
1,342Kathryn LangleyPeterborough, Ontario Canada
1,341tammy dietrichlethbridge, abcanada
1,340jacqui butterworthhuddersfield, west yorkshireUK
1,339Alan GschwindNepean, ONCanada

There can be no peace without justice.

1,338Mary Ellen VanZylChilliwack, B.C.CanadaIndependent

I will not vote Conservative while CPF invests in companies supplying Israel with military, police surveillance etc. products.

1,337Lauren MarsdenVancouver , BC
1,336susan murphyedmonton, albertacanada

I want nothing to do with the Israeli invaders! Canadian politicians are such followers! grow a backbone and have nothing to do with the killer zionists!

1,335Steven SkogCalgary, AB
1,334Nicole ParrAjax, OntarioCanada
1,333thomas redmondedmonton, albertacanada

Im disgusted.with thia end.this once

1,332Harold SmithKelowna, BcCanada

Do not support apartheid in Palestine.

1,331Wade YantzCalgary, AlbertaLocal 146


1,330charles timmonsvictoria, bccanada
1,329Shannon O'Brienwindsor, ontCanada

I absolutely do not support this travesty....My money is not to be used in this manner. Israel is a war criminal state and Canada has no business using MY MONEY for their war crimes. SHAME!!!

1,328Kristen MathiasVancouver, BCCanada

CPP shouldn't be invested in anything war-related without the consent of the individuals paying into it.

1,327Wolfgang LauschInnisfil, OntarioCanadaNone

Dear Finance Minister Flaherty and members of the CPP Investment Board,

I have just signed a petition expressing my conviction that the Canada Pension Fund should divest from companies that supply Israel with military, police, surveillance and/or prison related products.

By continuing to hold shares in such companies, the CPPIB remains complicit in aiding and abetting Israel's violations of international law.

Please ensure that the CPP divest from such companies.

The petition and the research that inspired it can be accessed here:

Yours sincerely,

1,326Richard BoudreauInnisfil, OntarioCanada

Greed at the expense of lives

1,325Bill GrandahlCalgary, ABCanada

We the people are tired of supplying lives and war machines to these globalists.

1,324Jim NasserCalgary, alberta
1,323Marie-Hélène BoucherLévis, Québec Canada
1,322Shannon HawkeyStony Plain, AlbertaCanada

Unbelievable!! This is treason! How dare our government put blood on our hands!!!!

1,321Fred BraileyOrangeville, OntarioCanada

BLOOD MONEY for retirement - repugnant!

1,319amal elamineOttawa, ONCanada
1,318Colin ConnellyHavelock, OntarioCanada
1,317Stuart WorrallVancouver, BCCanada
1,316Andrea MaerklCoquitlam, B.C.Canada
1,315Gerry ChamberlandNiagara Falls, Ontario
1,314Tim CollinsVancouver, BCCanada
1,313joe mrukLantzville, B.C.

Dear Leader, please STOP with going against the majorities wishes again..still.

1,312SERGE TROTTIERCanton Shefford, QuébecCanada

Rendu en 2013, Je ne trouve aucune raison de faire encore des guerres, c'est un manque d'intelligence.

1,311Ben DettweilerKitchener, ONCanada

I am not opposed to all investments in Israel or any other country for that matter, only those in companies involved in or supporting illegal occupation or warfare.

1,310Melissa FullerYahk, BCCanada

I was appalled to learn that my pension funds support violence against Palestinian civilians. Canadians should not participate or support Israel's armed forces in any way.

1,309Ryan GrossauerSudbury, OntarioCanada

Stop supporting The terrorist Group Israel. These people and the atrocities they commit are sickening and worthy only of scorn. STOP SPENDING Canadian Money to help these Evil people.

1,308Darlene RobertsonVancouver, B.C.Canada
1,307Karla KorkodilosToronto, OntarioCanada
1,306Hillary SametzRegina, SKCANADA

Stop using public money to fund apartheid and the hate-mongering country known as Israel.

1,305Ben HumphreysSurrey, BCCanada
1,304Melissa MartinHamilton, ONTARIOCanada
1,303Karli FeserSurrey, BCCanada
1,302Debra BowserTahsis, BCCanada

Please do not take our tax dollars and make us complicit in the murder of anyone, anywhere when there are other ways to make profit. We do not want blood money.

1,301Jacinthe Pilon-LaurinMontréal, QuébecCanada
1,300Marilyn DudowardPrince Rupert, B.C.Canada
1,299maxyne bakerToronto, ONCanada
1,298jeannette horsfielderrington, B.C.Canada
1,297Patrick FryNelson, BCCanada
1,296Andrew RudderhamDartmouth, Nova ScotiaCanada

I am against giving any money to ANY other nation, OR company that is not in the interest of Canada. Israel is a blight upon the world and your stupid backing of them is irresponsible and immoral. Just because Israeli lobbyists got you into government does not mean that they are furthering the interests of Canadians. Fucking Outrageous. Fuck Israel. And soon if this bullshit continues, Fuck what you people have made "Canada" become.

1,295Brad BarrettHalifax, NS

Zionist pig.

1,294Adam MorrisVictoria, BCCanada
1,293Brent sMITHwINNIPEG, mbcANADA
1,292Lori BrownKelowna, Bc Canada
1,291Trudy MatusiakSarnia, ONCanada
1,290Julie SniderToronto, OntCanada
1,289Adrian LeBlanc-KobylanskyLaval, QuébecCanada
1,288Sharon LoganWinnipeg, ManitobaCanada
1,287norman bowersthunder bay, omtariocanada

please resign to save canada

1,286Philip DuguayMontreal, QuebecCanada

Are there not enough other important investments ?

1,285Adam MorganFredericton, NBCanada
1,284Clinton ChwalekCalgary, AlbertaCanadaSupport

I do not support wars of any kind. We have all the resources we need here in Canada we have no reason to have our soldiers anywhere else. We need to defend ourselves. As a Canadian I demand our government to stop spending our CPP investments, tax dollars or any other forms of currency you collect from the public on wars or war moments over seas.

1,283Sean LeylandQueenston, OntarioCanada
1,282deborah watsonRed Deer, ABCanada
1,281Don EhmanKamloops, BCCan

Harpers agenda is in the Public Eye now, even the people that VOTED for him are worried.... you should be too.

1,280Jacques CarrierMontréal, QuébecCanada
1,279Crystal Barron halifax , novascotiacanada

I am shocked and appaled that canada is funding these murderous orgs!!!! I demand it stop!

1,278william cashinGambo, NLCanada
1,277Victor EffEdmonton, AB

Please do not turn Canada into China where we prosper from the suffering of others - please divest from Israel.

1,276nathaniel burkemoose jaw, saskatchewancanadfa
1,275Ryan KemmersHamilton , ON Canada
1,274Jamie KarrRegina, SKCanada
1,273Andreane PerronTemiscaming, QCCanada
1,272Julain MallahOakville, OntarioCanadaI don't like what Stephen Harper is doing to Canada

Why do we invest in murder?

1,271Henry LowiToronto, Ont
1,270Frank RooneyToronto, ON
1,269Cathy GulkinToronto, ONCanada
1,268Maité BustrosMtl, QcCanada
1,267Howard ScottMontreal, QuebecCanada
1,266Mary Ellen DavisMontreal, Qc
1,265paquin renequebec, quebeccanada

Not proud

1,264Michael SpringateVancouver, BCCanada
1,263Caitlin Hewitt-WhiteToronto, ONCanadaOSSTF
1,262Luis JacobToronto, ONCanada
1,261Robert MacDiarmidKingston, OntarioCanada
1,260Bridget GroundsOttawa, ONCanada
1,259Paul & Carol BradfordSomerville, MassachusettsU.S.
1,258Sunshine GoldsberryCoombs, BCCanada
1,257Leslie LomasBoulder, ColoradoUSA
1,256mary heibergtoronto, oncanada
1,255Vivian MoiseiwitschLytton, BcCanada

I do not support war or its means

1,254Penny TilbyVancouver, BCCanada
1,253Jada JavidMount Royal, QC
1,252Patrick RomanoskiHamilton, OntarioCanada

Continuing to support Israeli Apartheid & atrocities against Palestinian children is an affront to every decent Canadian. Internationally, Canadas reputation as an honest broker of peace has been destroyed putting our men & women in uniform 'in harms way' needlessly. Any attacks harming our soldiers & peacekeepers now lie squarely on the shoulders of the Harper government & its ministers. Any harm coming to the members of our heroic armed forces as a result is something that will follow each Conservative member for the rest of their lives. A relatively tiny but persistant consequence for the actions of a minority opinion that does not represent in the least the views of Canadians.

1,251Les BowserOmemee, ONCanada

"There never was a good war or a bad peace." — Benjamin Franklin

1,250Derek MilnerBurlington, OnCanada
1,249cynthia lakerdelta, bccanada

This is unprecedented. Our tax dollars will be going towards this, and was I consulted?
Is it not ironic that Israel has 100% socialized health care, from American tax dollars....all while Americans have JACK?
Screw these people, to hell with them. Let them fend for themselves. Lets see how long they can last with their current attitude.

1,248Annette LengyelCalgary, ABCanada

I am shocked and very troubled to know that my government is a partner to apartheid and gross human rights violations with Israel in the terrorism of the people of Palestine, through OUR PENSION PLAN! This is morally and ethically revolting. This together with your use of my tax dollars to support the Israeli criminal enterprise militarily and financially and through trade is unacceptable. I urge you to check your humanity before the Almighty God to see what you are a party to. Please choose life and end the devastation and ethnic cleansing of the poor people of Palestine and stand against the demons of war.

1,247Gail HaddadVancouver, BC

I collect a small amout of CPP. It sickens me to think my income is on the backs of people suffering at the hands of the powerful and bruatal Israeli military.

1,246Carol KouriWestmount, QCCanada
1,245Jean Le MarquandLaval, QuebecCanada

Canada Pension Plan investments should be free of involvement with military related products and services being supplied to Israel.

1,244Antony StambouliehVernon, BCCanada

Israel must comply with International Laws and end the occupation of Palestine

1,243Marina StambouliehVancouver, BCCanada
1,242Arja-Kaisa NaskaliGranville Ferry, NSCanada
1,241Ezra Levinorth york, ontariocanada
1,240Ajay AnandLondon, LondonEngland

This must stop NOW! STOP using Canadian taxpayers hard earned money to fund Israel and its terrorist actions against humanity. The Israeli government is engaged in genocidal actions against humanity RIGHT NOW. Their hypocrisy must stop immediately.

1,239Natasha KhokharCalgar, ABCanada

My money cannot be used to endorse the death of thousands of innocents. Disgusting.

1,238C. UsubiagaWinnipeg, ManitobaCanada
1,237Jonathan HaleToronto, ONCanada

Enough is enough. I am embarrassed by our government's over-the-top support of Israel against the rest of the reasonable world.

1,236John Jacksonruscom, ontariocanada
1,235Frank SorensenWpg., MB.
1,234Susan AbercrombyLondon , ONCanada
1,233Sumbal NazLondon, ONcanada
1,232Kellie MattatallSackville, New BrunswickCanada
1,231Ayman AbdulkarimLondon, OntarioCanada
1,230Colleen RossWinnipeg, ManitobaCanada
1,229Ahmed KadriLondon, OntarioCanada

I am ashamed that my contributions to CPP go to support the killing of cillivans

1,228Sabrine AzraqAjax, OntarioCanadaToronto Students for Justice in Palestine

We are Canadians and we do not condone Israeli war crimes.

1,227Marie RiouxLondon, ONCanada
1,226sue breezewindsor, ontario
1,225A BrookOttawa, ONca
1,224Johnny GagnonGatineau, QuebecCanada
1,223Bob McPhersonEdmonton, AlbertaCanada

It is bad enough that Canada, "the nation of Peacekeepers", is in Afganistan to kill tribesmen, women and children. It is an additional shame that we are supporting a war of extermination in Gaza and occupation in Palestine, through our investments in Israeli military industry by Canada's Pension Plan. The Holocaust that engulfed Europe's Jews horrified me when I first learned of it when I was young. Likewise, the racism and apartheid practiced by the Israelis stirred similar revulsion in me when the victims turned persecuters. It is a priority that Canadians NOT have any connection to the Israeli arms industry through our pension inverstment portfolios. Racism and persecution is wrong, no matter who is doing it, and we should not be supporting it, even tangentally.

1,222Bob KeenanCarbondale, COUSA

Making a "killing" off of killing is no way to make a living.

1,221Richard RyanPrescott, ArizonaU.S.A.

War profiteering is not acceptable. Stop it.

1,220Lorraine GilbertOttawa, ONCanada
1,219Carol WodakSherwood Park, ABCanada
1,218george mcfetridgeburnaby, BCcanada

Such deep corruption requires great intensity of right action, and the intensity is in us.

1,217Gloria PaulHoyt, N.B.Canada
1,216al de jongguelph, ontariocanada

It is time we supported a long term peaceful solution to the region, which will include 1967 borders!

1,215Frank de JongToronto, ONCanadaEarthsharing Canada
1,214André OuelletteKapuskasing, OntarioCanada
1,213Gerald BalmWaterloo, ONCanada

Israeli Apartheid kills Palestinians

1,212sheila muxlowchilliwack, bccanada
1,211jessica mainottawa, oncanada
1,210julie matsonmontreal, pqcanada
1,209Micheline RiouxVille de Lery, QuebecCanada
1,208eric bernardchateauguay, québeccanada
1,207Lorraine LefebvreMontréal, QuébecCanada

Et dites moi donc...ce que vous connaissez réellement du moyen-orient qui sont là...depuis plus longtemps que nous en Amérique...

1,206Tracy RobertsCalgary, ABCANADA
1,205Janice PlanteCoal Harbour, BCCanada

This Conservative Party just keeps pulling more and more things that are pissing off Canadians. What will it take to get rid of them?? Like NOW; not in 3 more years!!

1,204Marilyn MaxwellVancouver, British ColumbiaCanada

Another low in the mismanagement of Canadian interests by sociopathic Finance Minister Flaherty.

1,203Larry RauchertCreston, BCCanada
1,202Elke GreffardCreston, BCCanada

keep the money in Canada...for our children, health care and is our money not yours !!!!!!!

1,201Laura LynchSanta Barbara, EARTHUSAEnvironmental Artist/Activist
1,200peter nolansturgeon county, albertacanada
1,199dianne haistpalmerston north, manawatuNZ

This is not the Canada I want to participate in the destruction of people overseas.

1,198jackie evansmississauga, oncanada
1,197Carolyn GivensEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
1,196Logan AndersonBram, OntCanada

I don't appreciate you using our money to fund terrorist.

1,195L Sst.cath, oncanada

how about investing in health care, social welfare, and education?

1,194Paula SudlowParksville, BCcanada

I OBJECT!! This is so wrong....

1,193Myst de VanaParksville, BCCanada

It is outrageous that Canadian's pension contributions are being used to fund genocidal actions by Israel!

1,192Pamela GodinWinnipeg, ManitobaCanada


1,191Alex RuelVancouver, BC
1,190Roderick TaylorVictoria , BCCanada
1,189Wendy PergentileCalgary, AlbertaCanada

This is absolutely appalling, and nust stop!

1,188Melanie BoksaEtobicoke, OntarioCanada
1,187Wayne S.Windsor, ONCanada
1,186Leona RothneyVancouver, BC.Canada

Why are we supporting foreingn military? This is criminal and it is our money not theirs

1,185Lisa KnowltonWindsor, OntarioCanada

I'm horrified that our cpp funds invest in anything to do with Isreal or any other country. This is a disgrace! Invest in Canada. Further, to use our money for violent acts is just appalling to me.

1,184Noella LangBattleford, SKCanada
1,183Leia CairnsVancouver, BCCanada
1,182Sandra HennesseyLondon, OnCanada
1,181Phyllis CreightonToronto, OntarioCanadaVeterans Against Nuclear Arms

Respect the human and legal rights of Palestinians, and non-violence: no military exports to Israel!.

1,180Patrick JohnsonMississauga, ONCanadanone

Please stop CPP investing in this junk. We need an SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) approach to be adopted here.

1,179Benjamin ChaseVictoria, BCCanada

It is immoral for any one or gov. to profit from war and violence.

1,178pauline wongPitt Meadows, BCCanada
1,177Laurie PaulmertSimcoe, ONCanada

In no way do I want to support war or killing. Stop.

1,176Varnan SripathihathanToronto, OntarioCanada
1,175Robin ChambersEdmonton, AB
1,174ken MacDonaldwilkesport, oncanada

stop investing in nato/un warmongering

1,173gary h rideouttoronto, ont.canada

it,s one thing to have power but to continually abuse it is something else.

1,172Eva KushnerToronto, Ontario
1,171jeff pepinchelmsford, ontcanada

Seriously? When is corruption of the human being going to end? You behave like animals. Civility was a gift granted to us by a higher being which should not be taken for granted.

1,170Penny WynterToronto, ONCanada
1,169Benno BargKitchener, ONCanadaConscience Canada

Please stop investing in arms sales to Israel.

1,168Lawrence PusheeToronto, ONCan

Financial support to Israel whether directly or through investments in business dealing with that regime must stop. How can we be a nation based on principles of justice and peace when we support Israel through our pension investment programme. Canadians need to have a say in the ethical practices of our pension.

1,167Alec EconomidesToronto, OntCanada
1,166Al MatisLondon, ONCanada

More people know of your agenda, and more will be informed, and also with the US plans that all you hide behind! Some of us know that you really don't care and that both parties are involved, SAD! We won't forget and our time will come and that all of the guilty will pay!

1,165madelyn mackayNelson, BCcanadavow
1,164Brendan HouleCarleton Place, OntarioCanada
1,163Sharon BaldockSaskatoon, SaskatchewanCanada

Is this your idea of investment for Canada ??? Do you realize that your government puts more money into war than they do to feed the people of our own country? Get your priorities straight ! And stop investing MY CPP towards things Ithat go against my beliefs !

1,162reid mackay london, Ontario canada

Canada was founded on responsible government. There is nothing responsible about investing tax dollars and proceeds into the arms industry without public consultation.

1,161Hannah HadikinNelson , B.C.CanadaCanadian Voice of Women for Peace
1,160Lyn AdamsonToronto, Ont
1,159Paul ChislettWindsor, OnCanada
1,158George HorvathBrantford, ONCANADA

You cannot defend life by investing in war.



1,156Katherine LaundyOttawa, ONCanada
1,155Kim DiPalmaMalahat, British ColumbiaCanada

Our government is to serve Canada not to cater to Israel or any other country if this continues I will be forced into not paying any more taxes.

1,154Lynn SabourinGatineau, QébecCanada
1,153Chris HooymansCalgary, AlbertaCanada
1,152John BarnesKitchener, ONCanada
1,151Foster GriezicVictoria, BCCanada
1,150Miranda BrownMayne Island, BCCanada
1,149Janice GougeonRenfrew, OntarioCanada
1,148Colleen Kincaid SmithSummerland, BCCanadaOccupy Canada

Ethical, local investing should be mandatory for any government agency investing in ANY fund; all investing of the Canadian tax-payers contributions for anything: taxes, CPP, etc. should be subject to a referendum; STOP HARPER THE FASCIST! Stop investing MY CPP funds in unethical, illegal, corporate, profiteering, greedy, inhuman enterprises!

1,147Sara BelangerWhitby, OntarioCanada

Absolutely unacceptable, full stop!

1,146Lucette GeorgeCourtice, ONCanada
1,145Ed RuabJacksonville, n/aU.S.n/a

Please stop associating with inhumanity, racism and apartheid. The majority of the world denounce this injustice. You should not be affiliated with it.

1,144Margaret FultonSalt Spring Island, B. C.CanadaVoice of Women

The CPP should not be investing in sales of armaments.

1,143Adrian FineVictoria, BCCanadaIndependent Jewish Voices
1,142Marilyn SimmonsCalgary, Alta.Canada
1,141Doreen KotCALGARY, ABCanada
1,140Elaine HughesArcherwill, SKCANADA

I would rather you invested MY MONEY in social justice programs - in Canada or abroad . . . really!!!

1,139Vanessa ReddittToronto, ONCanada
1,138Sharon SommervilleWaterloo, OntarioCanadaFederal Liberal Member, Fair Vote Canada member
1,137Catherine KroetchSalmon Arm, B.C.Can.

As a Canadian I am grieved that our CPP invests in firms supplying Israel with military and policing products and services..
I ask that this stop now for the sake of global peace and justice.

1,136Nancy PonceletSaskatoon, SKCanada
1,135Gunvant GovindjeeJohannesburg, GautengSouth AfricaCeasefire Campaign
1,134Geoline HandeWinnipeg, MBCanada
1,133Warren BrubacherToronto, OntarioCanadaActivist Magazine

The current Harper government was not elected to carry out such acts which support war against the Palestinian people.
Many of your governments actions are giving our nation a new reputation,that of being a war monger.
The Canada I love is the former nation of peacekeepers.

1,132Gale TylerVancouver, BCCanada

The murderous investment of our CPP dollars in the arms trade must end.

1,131Ellen ShifrinToronto, ONCanada
1,130Siobhan KeeganOttawa, Ontario
1,129lana pankowhite rock, BCcanada
1,128Carl SonnenOttawa, OntarioCanada

I would expand this petition to ban sales of military or police equipment to every country on the planet

1,127D'Arcy HandeSaskatoon, SKCanada
1,126Ron GetzCampbellcroft, ONCanada
1,125Barbara HorvathCaledon, ONCanada
1,124Jacqueline LegerOttawa, ONCanada
1,123Shellie BirdOttawa, ONCanada
1,122micheline healySt-Hyacinthe, qc Canada

There is always enough money to conduct wars and the lack of money is always an excuse for cutting budgets in healthcare education and social services

1,121Tamara ShantzKitchener, ON

As a Christian pastor, I am opposed to supporting violence in any way, especially when private businesses profit from human suffering. Remove public funds from all companies invested in Israeli military, police, and prisons now.

1,120liz parkinsonPort Hope, OnCanada
1,119Ariane BrunetMontreal, QcCanada
1,118Moe JoudehOttawa, oNTCanada
1,117Ted PhillipsInnisfail, AlbertaCanada
1,116Rita CarrierKitchener, ONCanada
1,115Chris RobertsOttawa, Ontario
1,114Isobel McGregorWaterloo, ONCanada
1,113Cady maloneYreka, CAUSA
1,112Vera SzokeToronto, OnCanada
1,111Dr Vacy VlaznaSydney, NSWAustraliaJustice for Palestine Matters

It is a matter of universal decency not to invest in Israel's illegal occupation that causes so much suffering for the people of Palestine.

1,110Paul ManlyNanaimo, BC
1,109J McDermottBurnaby, B.C.Canada
1,108Knud PetersenLethbridge, ABCanada
1,107Irene RaineyWinnipeg, MBCanada
1,106Ken BillingsOttawa, OnCanada

Stop CPP investments in military hardware and software.

1,105Donald CurrieSlocan, AlbertaCanadaCanadians for Peace and Socialism
1,104Irene GaleAdelaide, South AustraliaAustraliaAustralian Peace Committee

It shocks me that Canada is so deeply involved in selling arms to Israel, and that Canada and Australia continue to co-operate with Israel in its shameful treatment of the Palestinian people.

1,103Valerie FinleyLuseland, SaskCanada
1,102Cindy MacDonaldLindsay, OntarioCanada

I'm appalled to learn the CPP supports the war machine -- and that I may benefit from that. It's time to be FOR peace and invest in peaceful pursuits, renewable energy, local food security, etc.

1,101Bert WrefordHamilton, OntarioCanada

As a benificiary of the CPP pension I feel very disterbed at the thought that the CPP investment board is financing arms for Israel to use against innocent people

1,100Pierre LeBlancOttawa, OntarioCanada

Isreal, the State, is a rogue country rapaciously using state terrorism against its own people, including but not exclusively Palestinians. It is offensive and morally and legally unacceptable that CPP aids and abets this systemic terrorism and which inflicts death, physical and psychological maiming and unspeakable suffering on so many people.

1,099Wanda LaurinPeace River, AlbertaCanada

Investment of Canada pension plan money should be in ethical funds only.

1,098Mary ErtelKitchener, OnCanada

Why are you investing our money in instruments of war?

1,097Jane MaxwellOttawa, ONCanada
1,096Michelle JoosOttawa, ON
1,095Sufiya Mary ReidToronto, OntarioCanada


1,093Laura SavinkoffGrand Forks, B.C.CanadaBoundary Peace Initiative

It is important that CPP divest not only from compainies that supply Israel with weapons, but also divest from companies that research, develop, manufacture or sell any military equipment in any form. Not all contributers to CPP agree to support the military and its adjuncts, therefore we demand that our contributions do not contribute to the military industrial economic complex. Thank you for your attention.

1,092Paul BergerShuniah, OntarioCanada
1,091walid chahalThunder Bay, ONCanada

The CPP investments in companies supplying military, police, surveillance and prison-related products to Israel MUST BE STOPPED.

1,090Denise RackusOttawa, OntarioCanada

Our Pensions should not be benefiting from any sort of violence .

1,089Chris McDonellLondon, ONCanada
1,088sharon moonOttawa, ONCanada
1,087Lily DerksenVancouver, BCCanada
1,086Leroy SandersOttawa, ONTCanada
1,085Bonnie BakerNelson, B.C.Canada

Canada should stop trading in Arms completely; it's a secret, dirty business that further dirties our hands all over the world.

1,084Phillip BlaneySaint John, N.B.Canada
1,083James FoortQuadra Island, B.C.Canada

Israel is in contravention of U.N. resolutions. This would normally be used to justify Canadian military involvement in other cases. They are now increasing substantialy their construction of illegal housing on occupied land. Come to your senses and cease your support of Israel.

1,082Roger BenhamSmithers, BCCanada
1,081Sandra KirkbyRichmond Hill, OntCanada

I cannot say that my tax dollars are being well spent with you and Mr. Harper at the helm. Would love an election, PLEASE

1,080Margaret taylorpointe claire, quebeccanadaraging grannies
1,079Shannon Lee MannionOttawa, ONCanadaOttawa Raging Grannies

Our pension plan, our decision.

1,078marielle barriaultclerval, quebeccanada
1,077Fern MosoffToronto, ONCanada
1,076Larry FrenchToronto, OntarioCanadaActive Retired OSSTF\FEESO

Time to stop enabling Israel to be a military warlord, preventing peace in the Middle East and motivating terrorism world wide.

1,075Joanne MillerCastlegar, B.C.CanadaCanadian Union of Postal Workers
1,074Scott HarrisEdmonton, ABCanada
1,073adriana spighisandspit, b.ccanada

I am totally opposed to pension money going to support war or related weapons. I am 85 and a long time peace activist

1,071Robert BidermanToronto, OntarioCanada
1,070Lennox BorelScarborough, ONCanada
1,069John WilsonToronto, ONCanada
1,068Robert Banks FosterKaslo, BCCanadaCouncil of Canadians
1,067John DarlingToronto, ONCanadaNDP

End all investment in war industries!

1,066Robbin PenneyCalgary, AlbertaCanadaCoalition to Oppose the Arms Trade

I want my government to know I oppose any CPP investments in the business of war and that includes investments supporting Israeli Apartheid. No Canadian knowingly wants a retirement based on the oppression of others anywhere in the world. Peace.

1,065Karen LonghurstKelowna , BCCanada
1,064Stella BedardQualicum Beach, B.C.Canada
1,063Sandra NelkenNelson, B.C.Canada

I am very weary of military might and would like to see our CPP opt out of any kind of military, police, surveillance and prison-related products and services. It is time for world peace and that is what we should be working towards.

1,062Lynda LembergToronto, OntarioCanadaretired member of OSSTF
1,061lazar stojanovicnew york, NYU.S.A.

... Just in case out-of-Sanada petions are acceptable.

1,060Margaret MaierWinnipeg, M BCanadaCouncil of Canadians

No people of conscience can support Israeli's arrogant, aggressive, profiteering behaviour toward Palestine. But our government does, and the Canadian Pension Plan in 2011 had $1.5 BILLIONS invested in the Israeli military helping them break international laws and be the callous brutes they have become.

1,059Koozma TarasoffOttawa, OntarioCanadaCanadian Dept. of Peace Initiative
1,058Anne ChampagneNew Denver, BCCanada
1,057Joan McFarlandFredericton, NB
1,056PJ BrooksNanaimo, BCCanada
1,055Daniel Epp-TiessenWinipeg, ManitobaCanada
1,054Gwyn FrayneCourtenay, BCCanada
1,053h Sawadskyvineland, ontariocanada
1,052jim AnastasopoulosOttawa, ONCanada
1,051Michelle LandryKanata, ONCanada
1,050Alain BernardMontreal, QuebecCanada
1,049Cheryl BensonToronto, OntarioCanada
1,048Sue AdamsAntigonish, NS
1,047Mark DillonGatineau, QuebecCanada
1,046Diane MeaghanToronto, Ontario
1,045Francis BayerlOttawa, ONCanada
1,044Manon ParrotOttawa, OntarioCanada
1,043Marcia ThibodeauKingston, OntarioCanada

We must always be diligent on where we invest our funds. That we could earn a profit on war is unthinkable. We must never forget our responsibilities to uphold international law, and the welfare of others.

1,042Chris DavenportOakville, ONCanadaACT for the Earth
1,041Gregory MulveyToronto, OntarioCanada
1,040Martine MichelleToronto, OntarioCanada
1,039jackie stephensbelleville, ontariocanada
1,038George FlorescoOttawa, MBCanada
1,037Bill FergusonToronto, OntarioCanada
1,036Yom ShamashVancouver, BCCanada
1,035rodney malhamvictoria, bccanada
1,034margaret stephensvictoria, bccanada
1,033Jack McLachlanWhite Rock, BCCanada
1,032Maureen WilsonCalgary, AlbertaCanada
1,031Ken BelfordPrince George, BCCanada
1,030Phil SoubliereOttawa, OntarioCanada
1,029kathryn HillNanaimo, BCCanada
1,028Frank MartensSummerland, BCCanada

We don't want to be part of the Canadian military mafia!

1,027Rolland NadjiwonSault Ste. Marie, OntarioCanada
1,026L FiddlerVancouver, BCBCGEU

We should not be funding the military industrial complex with any of our tax monies or pension funds in any way, shape or form. That said, Israel has operated outside international law for some time in relation to the Palestinians. I object to my funds being used to build a military state with nuclear capability. We need peace on earth; not more war.

1,025Yvonne StewartToronto, OntarioCanada

Our government needs to support peace not war.

1,024Bernard SmythPerth, OnCanada
1,023John PerryEdmonton, Albertacanada
1,022Liisa NorthToronto, OntarioCanadaYorku University
1,021Joseph WhitneyToronto, ONCanadaU of Toronto

Apart from anything else, Israel is kicking African refugees out of the country. No sympathy for people who, like the Jews, who had to leave their native homeland!!!!

1,020Sandra BeardsallSaskatoon, SKCanada
1,019Ute GerbrandtOttawa, ONCanada
1,018anne simmondstoronto, oncanada

I do not want my pension funds supporting ANY military in Israel and beyond. violence only begets more violence.

1,017Sharon MacDonaldHalifax, NSCanada
1,016Syed NaqviToronto, on

this investment must be stopped, I don't want to be part of killings of innocent Palestinian people.

1,015Deborah CherryToronto, OntarioCanada

It is bad enough that the Public Funds contained in the CPP are now regularly tossed into that crapshoot known as The Market, but becoming complicit in violations of international law ? This is appalling.

1,014janan chandlermississauga, oncanadaelementary teachers' federation of ontario

The teachers' pension plan, likewise, invests billions in improvishing people around the world. Now, Ontario teachers are told to teach "social justice" to our students. It is beyond comprehension.

1,013Ted SoroczanOttawa, OntarioCanada
1,012Mary ReardonHalifax, NSCanada
1,011Richard RenshawMontréal, QuébecCandaa
1,010Catherine FrancisToronto, ONCanada
1,009Emily DugganSt. Walburg, SKCanada
1,008Masud SheikhOakville, OntarioCanada
1,007Sameer Parmarplymouth, mnusa
1,006Errol SharpeBlack Point, Nova ScotiaCanada
1,005Dean SinnettVancouver, BCcanadaVanCity Credit Union

I used to fully support Israel, because I like Judaism, but ... the State of Israel treats some people very badly, because of something nasty done by a third party. It really practices collective punishment, and violates international law repeatedly. You can hardly fault Palestinians for objecting to this. Nor should you discount that Iran and Syria ship arms into that area, and you probably want them to stop - so why shouldn't we lead by example? And send a message to the Government of Israel at the same time. They need to hear "smarten up!"

1,004Saleh WaziruddinNiagara Falls, Ontario

We don't want to retire on the misery of Palestinians

1,003Oonagh BerryVancouver, BCCanada
1,002Ernest DyckPeterborough, ONCANADA

To oppose the trade and profiteering in armaments takes true courage.

1,001Fiona McMurranWelland, OntarioCanadaCouncil of Canadians, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Supplying military aid to Israel is not going to lead to any kind of peace in the Middle East -- quite the opposite. Nor will turning a blind eye to Israel's transgressions.

1,000Kitty DunnCalgary, abCanadaLots of groups who would probably agree
999Janet BerketaToronto, ONCanada

All war MUST stop - and stopping the sale of arms is a basic component of this terrible situation that continues only because of corporate greed.

998Sayyed MehdiBrampton, ONCanada
997Salim JafriRichmond Hill, OntCanada
996Allen R WellsSarnia, OntarioCanadaPeaceWorks

If you're dead, your pension doesn;t matter.

995Regine BoharToronto, ONCanada
994v daneilvictoria, bccanadaCoalition Against Israeli Apartheid Victoria
993Murray CodeToronto, ONCanada
992Jared KeilOttawa, OntarioCanada
991Salim DhiraniThornhill, ONCanada
990Zeeshan Abbas DawoodaniMississauga, OntarioCanada
989Patricia FitzgeraldMayne Isl., BCCANADARetired
988sandra stephensonRigaud, QcCanada

This is not just about Israel, it's about ANY forced investment in military industries in Canada or elsewhere. I want my money OUT of war profiteering.

987pat lambqualicum, b.c.Canada
986Edward GoertzenOshawa, OntarioCanadaCPR Democarcy

The CPP funds should be invested only in Canada and not in any defense production comapnies

985Maureen EcksteinRegina, SKCanadaMaking Peace Vigil
984Jey IyaduraiToronto, OnCanada
983F. Brian FisherNanaimo, B.C.Canada

If we ended war and Canada's involvement, we could just give everyone a pension, Not a huge one as in a CPC cabinet minister, but an adequate tax free one.

982Chris bowersGabriola Island , BCCanada
981Eleanor AndrewCalgary, ABCanada

I am proudly Jewish and against Israel violating international law.

980Karin BrothersToronto, ONCanadaHoly Land Awareness and Action task group

This is a fantastic initiative which should be duplicated to challenge all institutional investment funds, particularly those that purport to be investing with any ethical standards, such as faith based and educational institutions.

979Douglas EveringhamPinjarra Hills,
978Dirk van LoonLiverpool, NSCanada
977Judith WoukOttawa, ONCANADA

I receive Canada Pension and support Israel, but not the current government's reliance on military, police, and prisons.

976L J ShumkaSackville, NBCanada
975Ed DeakBig Lake , BCCanada

This is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable and insulting for any decent, hard working, law abiding citizens.

974Carlos FerrandMontreal, QCCanada
973Joan AgostaGuelph, ONCanada
972Mazen SaadBrampton, OntarioCanada
971Judith GoldschmidtCourtenay, BCCanada
970John BlackNanaimo, BCCanada
969Alan McCrearyCalgary, ABCanada
968Milad Zakhiatoronto, oncanada

There are many investment opportunities here at home, in Canada, with adequate return and no blood involved. Be happy with adequate percentage on your investment and we do not have to be so aggressive for the sake of additional percentage of investment. Most probably these type of investments are politically motivated, and must be reviewed.

967Fares BadrMisisissauga, OnCanada

I think that every pension plan should be guided by an "ethical investment policy " .

966Patricia PalulisOttawa, OntarioCanada
965ross sutherlandHaartington, ontarioCanada
964jason yendesnorwood, ontariocanada

Another good reason for the Canadian people to stop you govt thieves from stealing our cpp for your own ends...

963Heather PattersonSackville, NBCanada
962Robert RabahLondon, ONCanada
961Himani BannerjiToronto, Ontario
960Michael KuttnerToronto, Ontario
959deva ramkelawanLondon, ONCanada
958Ilan KapoorToronto, OntarioCanada
957jordan bishopOttawa, OntarioCanadaVeterans against nuclear arms (VANA)
956Raji SaadMississauga, ONCanada

Your investment in countries like Israel that violate human rights and confiscate and occupy other people's land is a disgrace for Canadian values. You should be ashamed of such investments that are made for local political gains and stop them immediately

955kim petersenParksville, BCCanada

Canadians should not be supporting Israeli apartheid, social injustices, and occupation through their money.

954Atif Kubursiburlington , Ontario Canada
953Howard WoodhouseSaskatoon, SKCanada
952Richard AbbottWinnipeg, MBCanada
951Anita RoyNanoose Bay, BCCanada
950Maya KhankhojeMontreal, QcCanadanone
949Sheryl HarrisonSurrey, BCCanada
948Janet FisherToronto, ONCanada
947Plain WilsonSarnia, OntarioCanada
946P. PhilipMontreal, QuebecCanada
945Dittmar MundelCamrose, ABCanada
944Carol GreeneWestmount, QCCanada
943Jerry ReitmanVernon, BC
942Jeffrey McLarnonToronto, ON
941Doug EnghCalgary, ABCanada

Maybe it is time Canada started doing some ethical investing with CPP funds.

940Ryder DixonBowmanville, OntarioCanada

This is a heinous crime.

939mike morinlondon, on
938Darrin LagimodiereCampbell River, BCCanada
937Chris HowardBurliington, on
936Ed NichollesMaple Ridge, B.C.Canada
935Lee McKennaToronto, OntarioCanadaPartera International

I would go further: stop investing in Israel.

934Gery WarnerSurrey, BCCanada

Mr. Flaherty, please get my money out of the Israeli blood business now! Buy gold and silver with it. I want no part of Israel's murderous enterprise.

933Byron ChristopherEdmonton, AlbertaCanadaNone

Are you guys fucking nuts???

932Pedro MoraVictoria, BCCanada

Please stop funding the manufacturing and trade of weapons of mass destruction.

931John BailPort Moody, B.C.Canada

I applaud and support Israel's right to sovereignty. I DENOUNCE Israel's war on anybody - especially Palestinians.

929Douglas MeggisonEdmonton, ABCANADA
928tyler burleyVictoria, BCCanadaHumanity

This is just one bolt in a multifaceted, well oiled, tyrannical machine, AND IT WILL BE DESTROYED ALONG WITH THE REST OF IT! -THE PEOPLE! Prosecution For All Traders! No Mercy for the Masons! FREEDOM OR DEATH! DON'T TREAD ON US!

927Don McDiarmidPerth, Ont
926Thomas WoodleyMontreal, QCCanada
925diana smardonVictoria, B.C.CanadaCanadians for Justice and Peace
924Dave BleakneyOttawa, OnCanada

I am appalled that thisgovernment contiinues to support human rights abuses, a two tier system and ongoing violations of international law. You are on the wrong side of history.

923Dick PiperSt-Michel, QueCanadaCOAT
922Michasel BradfieldHalifax, Nova ScotiaCanada
921Martin IslamOttawa, OntarioCanada
920Constance NebelGatineau, QuébecCanada
919Carolyn KiddPenticton, BCCanada

pseudo Canadian peacekeeping...we need to commit to the real thing

918Richard WurtzBlockhouse, Nova ScotiaCanada
917carolyn mossmanMiddle LaHave, NSCanada
916Fred WilliamsColdbrook, NSCanada

Military solutions are problems. We have to have the CPP based on ethical investments.

915david walmarkRose Bay, NSCanada
914Mark HaleyKelowna, BCCanadaCommunist Party of Canada

We should not in vest in any war materials.

913robert koroldundas, ontariocanada

Indeed, I would even extend my expression opposing such investments to firms that profit in this way to all countries.

912Margaret MaierMWinnipeg, MB, MBCanada

I do not understand why the Canadian government would support a "many times over" rogue state like Israel. Does it represent Canada? I hope not.

911Larry WartelVictoria, BCCanadaVictoria Peace Coalition

910Loris JordanOttawa, ONCanadaPloughshares, Raging Grannies
909Reuben RothOshawa, ONCanadaLaurentian University

I respectfully ask that the CPP stops investing in unethical funds.

908Paul KersteinVictoria, B.C.Canada
907Larry CarriereToronto, OntarioCanadaPax Christi Toronto

The only decisive conscientious choice today is either Nonviolence or Non-existence. [Martin Luther King Jr]

906F RoyVictoria, BCCanada
905Nick AplinOttawa, ONCanadaCOAT, Ottawa

I do not support the policies of the Gov't of Israel. I do support Palestinian rights.

904Jane SullivanOttawa, OntarioCanadaDevelopment and Peace
903Dee HillLondon, OntarioCanada
902Shannon FuhrHalifax, Nova ScotiaCanada
901Sara BarkerToronto, OntarioCanada
900Kathryn AndersonTatamagouche, NSCanada
899Stephanie Demellhull, quebeccanada
898Wally BrookerToronto, ONCanada
897MJ MusiolGatineau, QuébecCanada
896Angela MorseMontreal, QCcanada
895Karen Niven-WigstonOttawa, ONCanada
893Georgina KirkmanVictoria, BCCanada

Who paid the taxes in the first place? Shouldn't we have a say?

892Charles SkeltonSt. Catharines, ONCanada
891Marion KeransOttawa, ONCanada
890Lindsay McWhirterEdmonton, ABCanadaCPP recipient

I am appalled!!!

889Aziz KhatibOttawa, OntarioCanada
888Ehab LotayefMontreal, QuebecCanada
887Sedef Arat-KocToronto, ONCanadaRyerson University
886Marlene HennigarMoncton, NewBrunswickCANADA


885Julie GabrieleMontreal, QcCanada
884Charles CampbellThunder Bay, ONCanada

There are many investment options for our pension funds in companies that do not profit from selling military supplies to Israel or any other country.

883Anna WillatsToronto, ONCanada
882Marion JamiesonVacouver, BCCanada
881Evelyn VoigtOttawa, ONCanada
880Christina DuvanderPointe Claire, Quebeccanada
879Anjali ChoksiMontreal, QCCanada

I oppose the CPP investing in firms that supply arms and related material to support Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza.

878b.h. YaelToronto, ON
877David DePoeToronto, ONCanadaElementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Ths investment in oppression must end.

876Leslie ArmourOttawa, OntarioCanada
875Ellen QuigleySaskatoon, SKCanada
874Abdel-Raouf IsmailFredericton, NBCanada
873Holly Stowell Cumberland, BCCanada
872Malcolm BlincowToronto, ONCANADA
871Bill RossDelta, OnCanada
870Margrit BernetSurrey, BCCanadaCPP Disability

This is disgusting and totally criminal, how dare you spend our money on military stuff when we are unable to survive on our pensions.
why don't you live on my pension? give your salary up and everything you own in order to survive on my CPP disability cheque, I am getting $574.63 a month, no benefits no nothing, I pay for my meds and parking every week at the hospital where I get treatment.
I have lived and worked in Canada for over 30 years now, and this is what I get to live on? isn't it enough when we are ill and unable to contribute to society and half to spend lots of time in hospitals and at home sick? but no, you kick us even harder by not allowing us to actually survive with dignity,
you and your government are disgusting freaks, you can't possibly be human, as it takes a human to understand humanity.
I used to be a member of your corrupt party until I woke up to this night mare and the one that is still going on under your umbrella.
Shame on you, Shame on Canada,
Democracy is dead and we all missed the Obituary.

868dorothy henautMontreal, QCCanada

I don't think the CPP should be investing in any military production whatsoever, plus the other services being sold to Israel.

867Adib AshrafDundas, OntarioCanada
866Pat McSherryVancouver, BCCanada
865Clare CrossToronto, OntarioCanada
864Cyril PowlesVancouver, BCCanada
863Kevin DoyleOttawa, ONCanada
862Mohammad IsmailMississauga, oNCanada
861Carole ChristopherVancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
860Marc AzarMontréal, Québec
859Diana RelkeSaskatoon, SK

As a pensioner and taxpayer, I deeply resent the fact that my money is used to support the illegal occupation and theft of Palestinian land. Any Canadian investment ties with a self-deligitimized state such as Israel subtracts from the legitimacy of our own state.

858Ellen VaillancourtNew west, BcCanada
857Emily GilbertToronto, OntarioCanada
856Susan BaroisVancouver, BCCanada
855Eldon HaySackville, New BrunswickCanada
854Ilian BurbanoToronto, OntarioCandan/a
853Cliff CapraniLadner, BCCanada
852John HuotToronto, OnCanada
851Jack GegenbergFredericton, NBCanadaUniversity of New Brunswick
850Donald GraystonVancouver, BCCanada

One or two chapters of the recent book by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe, Gaza in Crisis: Israel's War Against the Palestinians, will tell you more than you want to know about Israel's brutal treatment of a virtually helpless people, with the aid of billions of dollars worth of up-date weapons supplied by some of the companies on the COAT list.

849Terry StavnyckOttawa, OntarioCanada

It is shameful that the people of Isreal whose ancestors have suffered such abuses in the hands of others, today inflict such horrors on the Palestenian people. We must not provide them the tools of torture and abuse which are used against the Palestenian people. If we do, our hands are bloodied along with those of the Government of Isreal!!!

848Campbell RobertsonOttawa, OntarioCanada
847Mazen El-KhairySt. Laurent, QUebecCanada
846kim huntervancouver, bccountry

How appalling!!! And I thought squandering pensions on 25% of a London Mega-Mall was atrocious! How dare our public servants make such blatantly treasonous acts. Disgusting. Canada needs it's democracy restored with an election NOW!

845Mary Ellen DavisMontréal, QCCanada
844German MendezMontreal, QuebecCanada
843Barbara SeifredVancouver, BCCanada (Vancouver) Raging Grannies. The Raging Grannies are celebrating their 25th. Anniversary in Victoria BC in August 2012

It is long overdue to give up the horrors of more wars. more war junk. more war casualties.
The Raging Grannies are dedicated to Peace.
We are celebrating our 25th.Anniversary in Victoria BC in August 2012.
Canada: Renounce war and Israel's defiance of International Law and get back to Peacekeeping.

842Elsie DeanBurnaby, BCCanadaWomen Elders in Action WE*ACT Society

Investments of CPP funds in Israel is unethical

841Ruth PickeringDundas, OntarioCanada
840Randa FarahLondon, ONCanada


838Mary RigbyDartmouth, NSCanada
837Mark BrillToronto, OntarioCanada
836Gray MerriamArden, OntarioCanada
835Laurie AdkinEdmonton, ABCanada
834Donald KouriMontreal, QuebecCanada
833Patricia WinstonMontreal, QCCANADA
832Josephine FieldToronto, ONCanada
831renie mc callumCourtenay, B.C.Canada

Peace is essential for BOTH Israel and the Palestinians...supplyiing more Military Hardware to Israel does NOT speed this process.

830Janice WilliamsonEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
829Lise CreurerToronto, ONCanada
828Pierre BeaudetOttawa, OntarioCanada
827rose jansonrockton, on

please stop supporting war

826Susan DianeTotonto, Ont.Canada

As a Canadian I am aware that Apartheid was based on Canada's reservation system that was part the genocidal behaviour towards First Nations people. I can not condone the discriminatory system that Israel has perpetrated on the Palestinian people. I do not want my pension plan coming from companies profiting form the apartheid system in Israel. I also want continued help for the First Nations people whose land was stolen by the Canadian government.

825Michel DesjardinsWaterloo, ONCanada

Please bring foreign policy balance back to Canada, and stop pandering to the Jewish vote. The Middle East needs a sensitive, thoughtful, rational engagement on the part of Canadians.

824Kate WilsonToronto, ONCanadaGaza Freedom Movement

We are watching the actions of this government under Prime Minister Harper with great unhappiness and concern for the future of Canada's place in the world,

823Mira KhazzamMontreal, QuebecCanada
822William PayneToronto, ONCanada
821rosalie bradleytoronto, ontariocanadaindividual

Sometimes I wonder if the government is really aware of the outcome of the decisions they make and should it prove to have a negative one are they willing to review it and move to a justice issue??!!!

820Gwen DaviesHalifax, NSCanadaVoW

Just to add, there are plenty of things to invest in without investing in weapons for any country. Thanks.

819Jean Douglas-WebbAldergrove, BCCanada
818Elias AssadOttawa, ONCanada
817Linda MurphySaskatoon, Saskatchewan
816Robin BerlynWestmount, QuebecCanada
815Jeanette PoleNepean, OnCanada
814Kevin MatthewsFredericton, NBCanada

Stop the injustice!

813Fabienne PresenteyMontréal, QuébecIJV- Montréal
812noel thomasmontreal, quebecCANADA
811Marie WalkerScarborough, ONCanada
810David GillArden, OnCanada
809Mary-Louise BlairManotick, OnCanada
808Dr. William R, AdamsonSaskatoon, SKCanada
807elizabeth whitmoreOttawa, Ontario

As a "shareholder", I refuse to accept my money going to support Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people.

806Bob StevensonOttawa, ontCanada
805Minerva GutierrezMontréal, QuébecCanada
804Robin BoodleVictoria, BCCanada
803Orion WilsonToronto, ONCanada
802Adam HitchcockHamilton, ONCanada
801Leo KurtenbachSaskatoon, Saskatchewan
800Jean MacdonaldSurrey, BCCanadaUCC

I have recently met with Palestinian Christians in Israel and Palestine, and am convinced that we must divest from companies that, intentionally or not, support the current state of affairs in Israel and Palestine.

799H. BewerBirtle, ManitobaCanada

The U.S. isn't the only country supplying Arms and other military aid to Israel. Germany as part of its so-called reparation Billions is also knowingly or unknowingly supporting Israel's aggression against populations living rightfully and legitemately within its borders. Any financial support of israel is moraly repugnant.

798Joanne NaimanVancouver, BC
797Ken CollierRed Deer, ABCanadaCouncil of Canadians
796Tracy MoreyOttawa, OntarioCanada
795William RossFredericton, NBCanada
794Djamal BenmeradBrussels, BrusselsBelgium
793Bruce McFarlaneWarsaw, OntarioCanaca
792patricia hartnageledmonton, ABcanada
791Irène KumarOttawa, OntarioCanada

C'est notre argent!!! Investissez plutôt dans la paix, la justice et la protection de l'environnement. Ce serait beaucoup plus profitable!!!

790Gary EnglerVancouver, BCCanada
789George BrownOttawa, OntarioCanada
788Antonio ARTUSOMontréal, QuébecCanadaPAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity)

Call a spade a spade - Zionism not Judaism / Judaism is not Zionism - Zionism is Fascism - Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are fascists. Unity and Struggle against the Crisis, Fascism and War!

787Don FanningFlagstaff, AZUSA
786Kirsten EbsenVancouver, BCCanadaMember of Vancouver Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Why has there been no public debate about this issue?

785Ysabeault d'Valar-AlbaToronto, OntarioCanada

Do we - or don't we - stand for the values of justice? If we do, we can not abide by occupation and the constant suppression of Palestinians. Make our money cleaner.

784Inez KochiusCmbridge, OntarioCanada
783Kathleen RuffSmithers, BCCanada
782J. MaasOttawa, OntarioCanada
781Susan StoutNorth Vancouver, BCCanada
780Philip KienholzPeterborough, OntarioCanada

As with South Aftrica's racism under apartheid, the world must bring pressure to bear on Israel to convince it to shift course away from its inhumane and racist policies and actions.

779Adam PoliczerVancouver, BCCanada

The 40+ years occupation of the West Bank and North America's unquestioning support must end.

778Margot IzardDuncan, BCCanada
777Hedy MuyssonWestport, OntarioCanada

I don't want my money invested in killing machines.

776J.B. GeraldOttawa, OntarioCanada
775Stephen EndicottToronto, Ontario
774Anne-Marie ZilliacusOttawa, OntarioCanada
773Philip GeiselWinnipeg, ManitobaCanadaDAMN

My retirement shouldn't be paid from profits on weapons of War!

772Patrick BrownNelson, B.C.
771Alice DoellOttawa, On.
770Rev. F. Mark Mealing, Ph.D.Kaslo, B.C.Canada
769Randall BarnhartOttawa, ONCanada
768Paul MerriamOttawa, ONCanada
767Jo WoodOttawa, ONCanadanowar-paix
766Beverley ViljakainenPriceville, OntarioCanada

As someone who thinks that all war is obsolete, I would like to see no military-oriented investment. There's so many life-enhancing projects and so much peace initiative work to be done!

765Rebecca JohnsonToronto, ONCanada
764lorna drewfredericton, new brunswickcanada
763Graeme MacQueenDundas, OntarioCanada
762John ClearwaterOttawa, ONCANADA
761Evert HoogersOttawa, ONCanadaCUPW
760Aileen TaylerEdmonton, AlbertaCanada

One would think that after the pogroms and the Holocaust that the Jews suffered, that they who live in Israel would not oppress another people, in this case, the Palestinians.Anti-Semitism is growing because of the Israeli governments unjust refusal to allow the Palestinians the homeland promised over 60 years ago ,Palestine.

759Jeanne CaswellSwift Current, SKCanada
758Barb CloutierOttawa, OntarioCanada


756Harold FunkGrand Forks, BCCanada

Instead of armaments, let's put money into Youth Programs, disability pensions, OAS at 65, etc.

755Diana Ralph Ottawa , ONCanada Independent Jewish Voices Canada
754ernie yacubcourtenay, bccanada
753Amir HassanpourToronto, ONCanada
752Gerry MasudaDuncan, BCCanadaCitizen

Due to its treatment of Palestine and Palestians, Israel has lost my sympathy relating to the Holocaust.
I fear for the safety of the world due to Isreal's apparent determination to destroy Iran.
Directing the CPP IB to dispose of all firms supplying Israel with military related goods and servces.

751Arthur ClarkCalgary , AlbertaCanada

While this petition is worded as a call for the Canada Pension Plan to cease investing in businesses that profit from a particular part of the warfare system, I would extend that to call for divestment from businesses that profit from ANY and ALL parts of the warfare system, NOT just Israel's.

750Chandler & Natalie DavisToronto, OntarioCanada
749Guy RoyLévis, QuébecCanada
748susan scottVictoria, BCCanada
747Johanna FraserNorth Bay, OntarioCanada
746Claudia KobayashiVictoria, bcCanada

This Canadian wants her pension funds invested in health and peaceful endeavours. I am unhappy that our government invests in apparatus that are used in armed conflict.

745David BurmanToronto, OntarioCanadaScience for Peace

Investment in instruments of oppression is not good for Canada or for Israeli security in the long term.

744SheilaRose RichardsonVictoria, BCCanadaRaging Grannies

Get With It!

743ann kempVancouver, bcCanada
742Tony WhitelyOttawa , ontCanada
741Mae GraceyParksville, B.CCanada
740Jack ThornburghNorth Saanich, BCCanada

No arms and military trade with Israel until it respects Palestinian civil society.

739Elaine & Jack HooperSooke, BCCanada

As citizens of Canada, we are outraged that OUR money (the CPP) is invested in military aid to Israel.

738Gerhild NeugebauerFort St.John, B.CCnadaKAIROS

I wish my taxes used for development, peace,social justice, education and poverty reduction at home and the global south

737Rosalie ReynoldsOttawa, ONCanada
736william Drapervictoria, BCcanada
735Qennefer BrowneOrillia, OntarioCanadaCanadian citizen

I oppose CPP investment in military goods for illegal occupation.

734Clare LoweryVictoria, B.C.Can.COAT

Shame, shame that we are even involved in such fear related products. .

733Margie NoonanVictoria, BC

I have visited the West Bank and met with both Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. Israel is acting illegally, and Palestinian rights must be recognized as legitimate by Canada.

732Stephen AberleVancouver, BCCanada
731Salma StylesVictoria, B.C.Canada

eI agree that CPP Board should divest from firms that supply Israel with military,
police surveillance or prison products & services

730Joan ClarkeTappen, B.C.CanadaSalmon Arm Kairos

Peace for all peoples....beginning with self.

729Lois and Gavin RumseyVictoria, BC
728Marion SmithVancouver, B.C.
727T.J. AdelVancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
726Abel FuentesVictoria, BCCanada
725Fran Thoburnvictoira, BCCanada
724Hans KratzQualicum Beach, BCCanada
723Mary Louise WelenStandard, AlbertaCanada
722Bunny TurnerHubley, Nova ScotiaCanada
721Joyce HarrisVictoria, BCCanada
720Jo FoxVancouver, BCCanada

I am on CPP and am appalled that some of my pension payments comes from these shameful businesses.

719Sylvia KroghEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
718Bertha MacBainBrentwood Bay, BCCanada
717Gerald WildeSydenham, ONCanada
716douglas wallacebancroft, oncdn

once again our government is operating without an ethical perspective!
These liars and criminals must be removed from office

715Piotr BeinSurrey,
714Floyd RudminKingston, OntarioCanada

Palestinians are humans. Yes. And Palestinians have human sensibilities and human rights. Most Palestinians are children. We should stop supporting policies of collective punishment. Canada is successfully multicultural, and Israel can be also.

713woodrow cowardVancouver , BCCanada


712Adina LyonCalgary, ABCanada
711Ian WenigerVancouver, BCCanadaVancouver Secondary Teachers' Association
710Harvey TottenManagua, N/ANicaragua

Too long this injustice has been done to the Palestinians.Fair minded people must take action/speak out

709Jane KiltheiCowichan Bay, BCCanada
708Gordon CraigVictoria, BCCanada
707Keith JamiesonVictoria, BCCanada
706Florence BestVictoria, B.C.Canadas
705Roy LechnerKelowna, B.C.CanadaKelowna Peace Group
704v danielvictoria, bccanada

boycott do not invest or aid.

703Margaret SmartVictoria, BCCanada
702Larry BrockelbankMidland, ONCanadaRTO/ERO
701Guy PocklingtonPowell River, BCCanada
700Alejandro PalaciosVancouver, BCCanada
699Kalvin DrakeToronto, ONCanada
698Melville JohnstonVictoria, BCCanada
697Jean JenkinsVictoria, B.C.Canada
696Eva SharellVancouver, BCCanada
695Benjamin TaalMill Bay, BCCanadaKairos
694Nancy KlassenCoquitlam, BCCanada
693Dale JohnstonSalmon Arm, BCCanadaKairos
692Susan StoutNorth Vancouver , BCCANADA
691Sandra HartlineNelson, `British ColumbiaCanada

BC Southern Interior Peace Coalition (and KAiROS, Kootenay subregion)

690Karen McIvorVictoria, BCCanada
689J. Lindsay KellockOttawa, ONCANADANATO WATCH
688Linda TaffsVictoria, BCCanada
687Susan DraperVictoria, BC
686Kay P. BrabySalmon Arm, BCCanadaUnited Church

Pension Funds should be invested in ethical funds,not weapons of war

685Audrey WildSalt Spring Island, BCCanada
684Anne MorrisSalmon Arm, British ColumbiaCanada
683Gerry PascalVerdun, QuebecCanada
682Judith WeismanToronto, OntarioCanadaIndependent Jewish Voices, Not in Our Name

Dear Finance Minister Flaherty and members of the CPP Investment Board,

I strongly support the campaign to have the CPPIB divest from companies that supply Israel with military, police, surveillance and/or prison related products. Those companies are direct supporters of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

Sincerely yours,

Judith Weisman

681Sebastien LabelleHalifax, NS
680Vivien MartinToronto, Ontario
679jan SlakpvSalt Spring Island, BCCanada

An arms embargo against the Israeli govt. is certainly appropriate.

678Joanna Nice vancouver , bccanada

this is wroung ~ we should not fund any country for weapons miitary or any such thing ! I do not want any money I pay to the government to do anything but help people in a positive and peaceful way . This is sick !!!

677Brenda ThompsonToronto, ON

All working Canadians are required to contribute toward the Canada Pension Plan. However when our hard earned money is used to fund Israel's military, police, prisons we have a right to voice our concern and objection.

676Thomas BrownVancouver, BCCanada
675Irma StegnerNepean, Ont.Canada

I, as a Canadian pensioner, am 100% against any CPP-investment in any company dealing with military hardware, software, etc., least of all for Israel. This is a country known to possess weapons of mass destruction, including atomic bombs, to blow up half our planet Earth. I and future generations want to live in peace on this planet. The CPP must be invested in peaceful organizations!
I. Stegner

674Elaine NidderyToronto, OntarioCanada

I wish that the Jewish people of Israel and the Palestinian Arab people in Israel and the Occupied Territories are treated as human beings deserving of their human rights. Profits at the expense of innocent people on both sides of this matter are not adding to peace for us all. I will not apologize for my idealism. My concern is that Canada has a Public Security Agreement with Israel (2008) that appears to now brings us Israeli drones as part of our military procurement.

673ld hammondtoronto, oncanada
672Dianne VargaKelowna, BC
671hussein hoballahanjou, qccanada
670Jessica DuncanVictoria, BCCanada
669Karen CopelandOttawa, OntarioCanada

This was not what our CPP was intended for. It is mine and other people's, not yours. So Cease and Desist this dishonest and politically questionable behavior.

668donna lechtFt. Saskatchewan, AbCanada

I believe Israel is a threat to peace, please stop using my pension fund to support their military.

667Andy BiancoMississauga, OntarioCanada

Canada MUST NOT support Israel in any way as long as they continue their illegal and unethical practice of apartheid. This action contravenes UN law and Israeli suppression of the Palestinians is brutal, heavy handed, as well as unlawful.

666Marilyn TaylorVancouver, B.C.Canada
665Cindy AspdenKelowna, BCCanada
663Jeff HanksLondon , OntarioCanada
662Kimberly ShoemakerHaslet, Texasus
661Sara avMaatAntigonish, NSCanada

I have spent time in the West Bank and seen first hand the demolition of homes and olive trees and other effects of the
occupation. I believe BDS is an important non-violent tool to end the occupation.

660Nick MarucaNiagara Falls , ONCanada
659Tim KennellyBurnaby, BCCanada
658Ron MacDougallSydney Mines, Nova ScotiaCanada
657Ray ToiviainenToronto, OnCanada
656ann mcivorport alberni, BCCanada
655Janet HillenGeorgetown, OnCanada
654David WurfelSeattle, WashingtonUnited States
653Jim AllanToronto, ONCanadaJustice for Palestinians

Justice should be restored to the Palestinians after some 64 years of theft of their country.

652Audrey McClellandWinnipeg, MBCanadaCOAT and others

I believe in working for peace and justice and this would seem to be encouraging the opposite.As a Canadian citizen I oppose it.

651Karen KingLondon, OntarioCanada
650Anna CarastathisVancouver, BCCanada
649Ummni KhanOttawa, ON
648Monique TrudeauWinnipeg, ManitobaCanada
647Tamara LorinczHalifax, NSCanadaHalifax Peace Coalition
646John GilbartToronto, OntarioCanadaUnited Church of Canada S W Presbytery
645John GardyVancouver, BCCanada

It makes me very angry to think my money is being used to kill and repress innocent people. This is disgusting!

644Nadia SultanToronto, OntarioCanada

To Mr. Flaherty and the CPP Investment Board.
It is appalling to learn that a respectable country such as Canada, has allowed its reputation to be tarnished by investing of all things...our CPP funds with companies supplying Israel with military, police, surveillance and / or prison-related products. Have we lost all sense of conscience? Do we not have any principles in life? I ask that you stand up for that which is right, and cease these investments immediately, and instead, for other respectable means in which to diversify our CPP investments.
If we continue to do this, and ignore the implorable acts that the Israeli government continuously promotes, Israel will never be called to account for anything, and they will hold the upper hand, despite their disrepect of International Laws and of their fellow human beings.
It is abhorrent to think that we are in any way, aiding and abetting the Israeli government and its horrendous acts against their neighbours, who are only asking for the right to live like all other human beings, maintaining a respect equal to that of Israeli citizens. Please, listen to your Canadian citizens...keep the investments of the Canadian people "clean" and free from any hint of support for a country which is in total violation of the International Human Rights Laws....and continues to ignore what the world stage is requiring of them. For some reason, they feel they are above reproach. Let us show them that we will not have anything to do in relation to the support of Israel, so long as it continues to practice such activities as they do constantly with Palestinians..
Thank you sincerely,
Nadia Sultan.

643Jonathan SeagullPrince Rupert , BCcanada
642Amir MasoumiMontreal, Quebec
641Jasmine JaberMontreal, Qc
640Hanah McFarlaneWarsaw, ONCanada
639Ken StoneHamilton, OntarioCanadaetfo
638Bruce LofquistOakville, ONCanadaFaculty 4 Palestine
637Martha LodgeToronto, ONCanada
636A.B. HansenVancouvert, BCCanada
635Glen WoytuckSherwood Park, AlbertaCanada

Let's invest in our own oilsands instead of war. (Why do you think the Chinese are so anxious to invest here, it's profitable.)

634Faizah Ghadban-KandarGreely/Ottawa, ONCanada
633Nawaf AldandachiToronto, ONCanada
632Tara MunroWestville, NSCanada
631Joni macarthurVANCOUVER, BCCanada
630D MajidToronto, ONCanada
629todd duckworthottawa, oncanada
628Joyelle JolieEtobicoke, ONCanada

As a Canadian and peace activist, I object to having my taxes contribute to the destructive force of war between two remote countries. Canada once represented peace and we were respected for this role. Now we are funding the death of innocent civilians including children. THIS IS WRONG!

627Barbara TerflothChristopher Lake, SKCanada
626Noreen LooneyToronto, OntarioCanada
625Sabina BeckerCobourg, OntarioCanada
624Linda ElderNanoose Bay, BCCanada

I am outraged that my money is invested in the arming of an apartheid state; to profit from the suppression of others is uncivilized; Canada should know better

623Ryan MacArthurVancouver, BCCanada
622Michael FehrWinkler, ManitobaCanadaC.R.U.S.H
621glenna milesvernon, B.C.Canada

It goes without saying that 'blood 'money is not healthy money. Find a better place to invest where there are benefits to CPP without detrimants to other living persons.

620Rick ZaleskiChilliwack, BCCanada
619Lynette BondarchukEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
618Anne Marie rooneygatineau, quebeccanada
617Robert SmitsVancouver, BCCanada
616Laura LandonParrsboro, NSCanada
615Mary JardineRichmond, B.C.Canada

We are a peaceful country and should never invest in Israel and their madness. It is time for world peace!!

614Ryan CarrSaint John, New BrunswickCanada
613Sasha McInnesVictoria, BC
612Jack NicholsenGrafton, OntarioCanada
611Dawn SparksVancouver, BCCanada

I have no words to express how this disgusts me.

610Sharon DanleyToronto, ONCanada

MY money in MY contributions to CPP to support Israel's military, police, prisons or anything else that supports violence toward personkind.

609Jamie ReidNorth Vancouver, B.C.Canada

Law and order for a Conservative government means support for Israeli violations of international law.

608roy trickeykenabeek, SelectCanada
607Amr elaghouryMontreal, Quebec
606Sandra HarrisGibsons, BCCanada

Canada has been a peacekeeping nation until Harper won his fraudulent election. He doesn't represent Canada. He represents his own agenda and corporate interests. Step down Harper!!!

605Andrew KuessToronto, OntarioCanada

I do not want my CPP investment benefiting those who wage war on others. Invest in companies that build affordable housing communities for Canadians, rather than companies who profit off of the destruction of peoples homes abroad.

604Nancy MallahOakville, ONCanada

This is an outrage. Canadians do not want to invest in these types of funds! Divest from such companies that support this apartheid state. Shame on you!

603rod wooflondon, ontariocanadaCAW
602Travis RossMontreal, QuebecCanada
601Kathryn RostonDorval, QC
600Harold J. SudermanGuelph, OntarioCanadaWorld Citizens

Let us invest in Peace

599Conrad AlexandrowiczVictoria, BCCanada
598Patsy LowePalm Springs, CalirorniaUnited States

Israel's crimes against humanity MUST STOP.

597Janet WalterRed deer, albertacanadacouncil of canadians
596Randolph TaylorTahsis, British ColumbiaCanada
595Helen BuschPowassan, OntarioCanada
594CJ HinkeVictoria, BCCanadaCanadian Friends Service Committee
593paul phillipsvictoria, bccanada

why are canadians not involved with the direction their funds are invested?
why don't canadians have any choice as to who represents them on the board of cpp?

592Palma BergerDawson, Y.TCanada

There are good ethical investments out there, instead of this investment.

591Ron RutterPort Alberni, BCcanada
590Sharon GoodierToronto, OntarioCanada
589John TurnerLondon, ONCanada

You are a truly offensive pack of liars, cowards, and traitors!

588Eleanor MillardCarcross, YukonCanada

When are we going to stop this insanity?

587Donna LewisToronto, ONcanada
586Peter ReidAbbotsford, BCCanada
585Irene BellWasaga Beach, ONCanada
584Oli CosgroveOttawa, ONCanadaPrivate citizen

I'm disgusted that my country is financing
aggressive actions of one country against another. The Harper government has no authority to invest
the contributions I've made to the CPP
in war-promoting activities. The day this government is defeated will be cause for celebration!

583Steve IzmaKitchener, ONCanada
582Shane NeufeldGrand Forks, BCCanada
581Douglas NesbittKingston, OntarioCanadaPSAC 901
580tawfiq rahimuddinmontreal, quebeccanada
579erica denboroughNorthcote, Victoriaaustralia
578Gayle McIntyreMississauga`, Ontariocanada
577Mihoko KanashiroWhite Rock, BCCanada
576Emily TureckToronto, OntarioCanadastudent nurse, people advocate
575Daniel MainvilleLongueuil (St-Hubert), QCCanada
574William MayerWoodstock, OntarioCanada
573Larry PowellRoblin, MBCanada

Give peace a chance!

572Jerry Parishfredericton, nbcanada
571David RamsayGoulais River, OntarioCanada
570Louise SlatterySaint-Lazare, QCCanada
569Don BattieVictoria, B.C.
568dolly smithcumberland, bccanada

this is disgusting. canada pension plans paid for by us should be invested in canada for canadians not for some foreign country to profit from no matter how they do it.

567Shannon GroverLachine, QuebecCanada
566James WrightLougheed, ABCanada
565MM PerrinToronto, OntarioCanada
564phil lyonsvictoria, B.C.canadacanadians against Israeli apartheid
563Jade Hood Victoria , British Columbia Canada H.U.M.A.N.U.N.I.O.N

Enough is Enough this what my hard earned pension is going towards before I even reach age 65 .. or is that why you sent a letter via post office to tell me your raising the age of a pensioner from 65 to 67 and all the "news bit's ' that hint at there being no money there when I get to that age
Shame on you but the biggest shame is on me for buying into it for all these years ..

562Gareth SmithByron Bay, NSWAustraliaByron People for Peace & Justice

Complicity in international law breaking!

561Hector MacNeilIona, NSCanada
560Guenter KluschEtzelwang, BavariaGermany

The government represents its citizens and should also be morally accountable.

559Nick BraunKelowna, B.C.CanadaNone

Israel and the USA are the countrys that are the only threat to the entire world. Do not invest my retirement funds in Israel.

558grant gordonCourtenay, BCcanada

Scum bags for doing this.
Resign your positions.

557Faune JohnsonVancouver, B.C.Canada

We do not need to support death for personal gain. This goes against my ethics and Canada's moral compass.

556Nicolas SayeghLaval, QuebecCanada

What a shame..while Canadian citizens are going from to poorer

555Jane GibsonOttawa, OntarioCanada
554Brenda HoltkampOrangeville, OnCanada
553Joy MooreMontreal , QuebecCanadaCollege Teacher

I strongly oppose Canada's Pension fund investing the Israeli Arms Industry - responsible for human rights violations and the death and destruction of Palestinian civilians and homes.

552John RidoutLondon, ONtarioCanada

Disgraceful! We should be ashamed of ourselves as Canadians allowing our government to sanction the profiteering of human suffering. We must put an end to this madness. Invest our money in something we can be proud of!!!

551Carol FoortHeriot Bay, BCCanada
550Robert RodvikGibsons, BCCanada

Please do not fund the Zionist Terrorists.

549Ross WaltonBowser, B.C.Canada

I don't like supporting a warring country.

548Susan StroudBrentwood Bay, BCCanada

I am appalled to learn that my pension fund is investing in such unethical corporations. I would have hoped that all our funds were carefully and thoughtfully invested in alternative energy companies, co-ops, organic farming companies etc Let's use our funds to turn our world around!

547mike mosleyfort frances, onCa
546Rick SullivanParksville, BCCanada
545Richard CollierCalgary, ABCanada

Right-wing militarists tend to hang out together!

544Canadian Voice of Women for Peace VOWToronto, OntarioCanadaCanadian Voice of Women for Peace
543Clare PowellRegina, Sask.Canada
542Peter KirbyMont Tremblant, QCCanada
541Anne StreeterMount Royal, QCCanada

This is incredibly important! Please do the right thing! Divest!

540diane van oostdamOttawa, ONCanada
539Philip AllisterCampden, OntarioCanada
538John QuinnSt. Catharines, ONCanada
537Allan McDonellOttawa, OntarioCANADA

CPPIB should use ethical standards when deciding on the investments it makes. It should not invest in corporations selling or distributing instruments of war or oppression no matter the country or entity purchasing them. It is not right that our retirement income is derived from such businesses.

536Michael DickToronto, Ontario

The CPP is wrong to invest in any way with groups responsible for maintaining the immoral and illegal oppression and occupation of the Palestinian people. Until Israel obeys international law and U.N. Resolutions, it should not benefit from any money coming from the CPP.

535lorraine monteleoneoshawa, oncanada

I am appalled but not surprised at all the way canada is these days...How can I not invest in the concentration camp? Please tell me because I do not want to support Isreal!

534Una CoghlanToronto, OntCanadian Voice of Women

Never! I do not want to support Israel at any level. This is an unethical decision

533J. RossyMontreal, QuebecCanada
532kym warkreldorado, ontariocanada
531Marcy SaddyLondon, OnCanada
530Helen BlooreLeicester, LeicsEngland
529Linda ShawSydney, NSWAustralia
528Edward CraillMitchell Park, South AustraliaAustralia
527Ruth NicolAbbotsford, BCCanada
526Wendy WaidsonSurrey, BCCanada
525Fred SchloessingerNanaimo, BCCanada
524Phil LittleNanaimo, B.C.CanadaCORPUS Canada

it is scandalous that the money gathered to support pensioners be used to support injustices in another part of the world. Clean ethical investments are an alternative.

523Greg ReillyOttawa, OntarioCanada
522Marc PhilipsOutremont, Qc
521Ken TaylorToronto, ONCanada
520Allan S TaylorRegina, SKCanadan/a

It is immoral for CPP to invest in guns, tanks, bullets or any company that is part of the military-industrial complex.
I demand that CPP invest only in Ethical Funds and that all other funds be divested that don't meet Ethical Funds critiria.

519Sergio ArcaroOakville, ONCanada
518Ali YassirTMR, QuebecCanada

Canada and its institutions should not aid and abet persecution of Palestinian People or the occupation of their land.

517Edward Mullenswen Soound, ONCanada
516John Mark Robertson Belleville , OntarioCanada

The Canada Pension Plan should absolutely not be involved in supporting the Israeli military. Let them buy their own weapons!

515Maria HennessyOttawa, ONCanada
514Tina FaibishToronto, OntarioCanada
513Hamid BaadecheGantineau, QCCanada


512Ted WagnerRegina, Sk.Canada
511jules dubordmontreal, quebeccanada

Please stop the violence and advocate love...

510bev shortLangley, BCcanada
509Darlene A HebertToronto, ONCanada
508Pam MunroeCourtenay, BC

We should be asking CPP Investments to get out of all investments in weapons of mass destruction, not just those targeting Israel.

507gary connollybrampton, ontariocanada
506Vernon and Eugenia JOHNSONPrince George, BCCANADANIL

such investments are amoral and should cease.

505Mary GayMontrose, B.C.Canada

This has to stop.IPlease start listening to the people. You are suppose to be working for the betterment of us Canadians.

504Susan BrownMcDonalds Corners, ONCanada
503Alan WilsonGabriola, BCCanada
502Paul GrignonGabriola, BCCANADA

Why limit this to Israel? I don't want CPP to support police state and war industries ... PERIOD!

501Denise HolmenVictoria, BCCanada
500dorothy goreskyVancouver, B.C.Canada
499Elinor PowellVictoria, B.C.Canada
498Lise VaugeoisThunder Bay, OntarioCanada
497Danielle BlabOttawa, ONCanadaCUPE 2626 (University of Ottawa)
496Leonard MillisSurrey, BCCanada
495Arthur BlommeToronto, onCanada

outrageous that we are secretly forced to support war profiteering and war crime.

494Sylvie PaquerotMontréal, QuébecCanadaUniversité d'Ottawa
493Pat O'RileyVancouver, BCCanada
492Lukas MakovickyOttawa, OntarioCanada
491sue mackay-smithPenticton, B.C.Canada
490Teri StrainPeterborough, OntarioCanada

Invest in peace

489Kate ChungToronto, ONCanada

I want no part in violence, especially violence against little children.

488Susan HendricksWinnipeg, MBCanada
487gail Harmervancouver , B.C.Canada
486Joy TaylorTotonto, OntarioCanadaMember NDP Party

This I would say is Man's inhumanity to man.

485Olivier Desharanis-RoyGatineau, QuébecCanadaCUPE 2626
484Len KowalikOttawa, ONCanada
483wayne westfallkingston, ontariocanada

no money in any arms trade in any company

482Gordon GosseBelleville, OntarioCanada

Every dollar spent on such violence-related activities is a dollar denied to humanitarian programs such as education, health, tolerance and social justice.

480Bob MansonShuniah, OntarioCanada
479Dale DewarWynyard, SKCanada

I am opposed to having any of my retirement funds invested in military equipment sales to Israel - or any other country for that matter. There is something just plain wrong about investing in equipment for killing. Let us not sugar-coat it with phrases like "security" when killing is what the equipment is intended to do.

478Bob StuartSpiritwood, SKCA

I quit building my boat when I thought over the implications of the plywood from Israel I'd bought for it.

477wakil zazayKanata, ONCanada
476Majida Husseiniottawa, ontcanada
475pat engenkelowna, bccanada
474Samaa ElibyariMontreal, QuebecCanada
473Bibi ElsamahyHouston, TXUSA
472Adrian SgroBrossard , QcCanada

Zionists are extremist’s .Stop supporting Israelis terrorists with my tax money..
Stop supporting a Zionist regime. and Zionist groups in Canada..

471David SzollosyWIllow Beach, OntCanada
470peter colevancouver, british columbia

no apartheid in any country including israel and canada

469Marilyn HenighanOttawa, OntarioCanada
468harry glasbeektorono, ONcanada
467Nalini VirmaniOttawa, ONTCanada

I do not want to reap the benefit of killing others from CPP investments. It's like living on "blood-money"

466Susanne ShawKimberley, BCCanada

There should be no profit from war or from sick people. War is evil and making money off of sick people is also evil.

465Dr. Dwyer SullivanKitchener, OntarioOECTA Waterloo and Camp Micah

Who wants to make money from killing people and an illegal occupation? Not me!

464gabriela rodrigueswinnipeg, manitobacanadacitizen

I don't want any investment in military, police, surveillance or prisons anywhere. Invest in education, early childhood years and daycares.

463june copelandOttawa, ONCamada
462Calvin ClimieOttawa, ONCanada

I do not want my future security to be based on the continuing present insecurity of the Palestinian people.

461Bill LoveBarrie, onCanada

Don't support evil.

460patrick careyvernon , b.c.,canada

listen to your conscience and do the right thing

459Darryl LangendoenToronto, OntarioCanada
458Romain LandryFree Grant, N--B.Canada
457Maria HeynenOttawa, ONCanada
456colleen simmonsBurns lake, bccanada

There is no reason on this earth that the Canadian govt needs to be dealing in arms, to think that my hard earned money is being used to conduct war against the rest of the world digusts me and I think its time for Canadians to take action to stop this insane govt.

455Michael GrayToronto, OntarioCanada
454Patrick BoaseOttawa, ONCanada

CPP should not be in any waye affiliated with Murder Inc.

453Ken BillingsOttawa, OntarioCanada

Investing CPP funds in the Israeli governments violent and illegal occupation of Palestinian land is criminal. I want these funds divested from these military links now.

451Ruby JubbOshawa, OntCan
450Odette KalmanVictoria, BCCanada

Rather then supporting and finaning
foreign companies involved in military causes, CPP could invest in Canada's innovative endeavours instead.

449Bernard WalkeOttawa, OntarioCanada
448Andrea Symondscharlottetown, PEcanada

This is appalling,and not excepted by me.

447paul gibsonottawa, oncanada
446Anita CouvretteGibsons, BCCanada
445Fred LautenschlaegerMississauga, ONCAnada
444Anne LeBlancYarmouth, NSCanada
443Raymond ComeauSaint Johm, NBCanada

Stop Israel' s Apartheid Regime ! Do not support it with my payroll deductions!

442John DuddyCalgary, AlbertaCanada
441elizabeth meggisoncantley, quebeccanada
440Erika WhitneyToronto, Ont.
439madeleine gilchristtronto, ontcanada
438Janet HouseVineland, OntarioCanada

As a contributor to CPP, I should have a say in how the money is invested.

437Steven KostisNew York, NYUnited States
436Elma ParkerCobourg, ONT.CanadaCouncil of Canadians

This is disgusting to use our pension funds to support wars and the profits of weapons makers. Stop it now.

435Peter NelsonHalifax, NSCanada

I do not want the CPP to invest in any firms selling arms period.

434Suz ColeG F, BCCanada

I wonder if this site is being monitored, I wasn't able to sign for quite awhile, I do hope this "investment" is withheld, I do not want my money invested this way.

433Alex EwashenCreston, BCCanada

This travesty is not what Canada stood for since it's birth. Shame, Shame on you.

432Adrian ObergVictoria, BCCanada
431Keira ZikmanisVictoria, BCCanada
430Mary SingletonPeterborough, ONAmnesty International
429katy hannamontreal, qccanada
428Margaret RaoToronto, OntarioCanadaCanadian Unitarians for Social Justice
427Thomas CorbettKingston, NSCanada
426maureen mckenzieRegina, SKCanada

Please let us stop investment in a country that violates the rights of Palestinians. I do not want to make money front their oppressive tactics and i would like to see my country make a strong statement to this effect!

425JIM ROSSToronto, ONCanada
424Jason KelmMillet, ABCanada

We demand that our enemies adhere to democratic principles and values(or we help bomb them into submission) but we allow our allies to commit atrocities with impunity. Why does this double standard continue?

423William MalnychukMississauga, OntarioCanada

CPP funds would be better spent in Canada instead of investing in foreigh companies who manufacture for war.

422John DuravetzToronto, OntarioCanada
421Michael CallOttawa, Ontario
420Jan HeynenOttawa, ONCanada

Israel has consistently refused to abide by UN resolutions. This is just one of many actions that are unacceptable. Canada shouldn't be complicit through pension investments.

419Cody d'EntremontOttawa, OntarioOntario Public Interest Research Group - Carleton
418francine carrieroutremont, quebeccanada

i am appalled that our pension plan can invest in this and at the same put the age for pension at 67

417Patrick DohmenMontreal, QuebecCanada
416Fred BantingDunnville, ONCAN
415Anne DeslaugiersToronto, ON

If only Canada got real and stopped 'sponsoring' an evil system

414Jason DevineCalgary, ABCanadaCPC
413Kim VincentMontreal, QuebecCanada
412Anzan HoshinOttawa, ONCanadaWhite Wind Zen Community

I had no idea that this was taking place.

411W. PurkisBala, Ontario
410Janet Elizabeth HarrisOttawa, OntarioCanadaNone

Dear Canadian Pension Plan officials:

As a supporter of justice for the Palestinian people, I am greatly disturbed by the knowledge that the CPP has $1.5 billion in share in firms supplying Israel with military, police, surveillance and prison-related products and services.

I hope that in the name of justice for the Palestinian people, CPP will divest from the firms referred to above.

Thank you for your attention to my request.

Janet E Harris
Ottawa, Ontario,Canada

409sana khalilOttawa, ONCanada
408Margaret SagarTerence Bay, NSCanada
407Olive Jean ZawalskyCalgary, ABCanada
406Leanne MacMillanHalifax, Nova ScotiaCanada

CPP should not invest in industries involved in Israel's illegal activities.

404Bob GollingerPrescott, Ontario

Please take the moral action and divest.

403Anne SchmitzOttawa, ONCanada
402Jim SlavinRenfrew, ON

There are plenty of other excellent investments on our planet that do not promulgate the misery of war. Please divest!

401John WilliamsOttawa, OntarioCanada
400Heide ShrouderMississauga, OntarioCanada

This is an absolute disgrace and one of the reasons why I support Conscience Canada and COAT

399David FrevolaHalifax, NSCanada
398Jim MacDonaldMississauga, OntarioCanada

I strongly object to our Canada Pension Plan being invested in the shares of companies engaged in the war business.

397Peter MahalikDartmouth, NSCanada
396Theresa GaudettSaint John, N.B.Canada
395Rene HaldenDonkin, Nova ScotiaCanadaUnited Association of Journetmen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipifitting Industry of the United States and Canada

I object to investments in any industry,that aids illegal activity in any country or territory. I also object to my taxes being spent for the purpose of enabling illegal actions.

394Christine JohnstonVictoria, BCCanada

We are horrified that our pension money is being used for what is (in our eyes) such a criminal and immoral purpose!

393Richard NutterEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
392Barry WilkinsonCalgary, ABCANADA
391Robert WareVancouver, BCCanada

We should be peacemakers and peacekeepers.

390Marlene KoehlerOttawa, OntarioCanada
389Shaheen JunaidPte-Claire, QcCanada
388Elizabeth LeslieMontreal, QuebecCanada
387Ruth di GiovanniMontreal, QCCanada
386Elaine GibsonKanata, ONCanada
385Melva ArmstrongKamsack, SKCanadaCoalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
384Brian PanhuyzenBowmanville, ONCanada
383robert ellishamilton, ontariocanadahamilton coalition against poverty

i am very angry to learn that my pension money is being misused in this way. i would never choose to support Israel in any way.

382Marie LloydKingston, ONCanada

No support for Israeli apartheid.

381Deborah KrasnickiLondon, ONCanada
380Paul CunninghamBaddeck, NSCanada

I want a say in where my CPP contributions are directed, please.

379Brian BartonTrois-Rivières, QuébecCanadaComité de solidarité Trois-Rivières

Canada should urge the Israeli government to stop armed repression in Palestine, and within Israel, and to recognise the Palestine State with 1947 borders.

378Richard PathakToronto, ON
377Shahid GardeziPeterborough, Ontario
376Irene LegerPlympton, Nova ScotiaCanada
375Agnes MaloufHalifax, NS

It's bad enough our taxes support the war machine. We do not want our pension money invested in companies who support, or ignore, flagrant violations of all that is good and just.

374Max BellCarp, OntarioCanadaThe Outrage of CPP and the intention of investing in an occupied country

Israel is a rouge nation, with much blood on its hands.

373Aileen KrushWinnipeg, MB
372Kathleen SlavinSaskatoon, SKCanada
371Rob WhiteHRM, NS

It is total unacceptable that CCP is being used to harm, oppress and dispossess people Mr. Flaherty. Please amend this.

369Grace WooVancouver, B.C.Canada

I object to CPP investment in ANY arms or military endeavour - not just those involving Israel. This is not the way to advance human equality or harmonious social practices.

368Sabrina FuqhaaOakvillle, OnCanada
367Sean KubaraKaslo, BCCanada
366Jen WryeOttawa, OntarioCanadaCUPE
365Geoffrey PounderRocky Mountain House, ABCanada

If Canada is truly a friend of Israel, it needs to play a constructive role in building peace and ending violence. Sponsoring oppression and fuelling the occupation only perpetuates the conflict. That is not in Israel's interest.

364Joanne LaferriereMontreal, QuebecCanada

Even the peace loving citizens of Israel don't want foreign investments in their government's killing machine.

363brian moreauVictoria, b.c.Canada

Wake up...Enough already

362majda skerlOttawa, ON
361Lou MarcouxGrand Bend, ONCanada
360jeffrey martin hamilton, ONCanadacitizen of canada

stop supporting israels army

359Eleanor GrantWaterloo, Ont.CanadaIndependent Jewish Voices

Canadians need to be better informed about Israel's daily violations of Palestinians' human rights: the Wall, the settlements and evictions and house demolitions, the segregated roads, the diversion of water, arbitrary imprisonment, and general harrassment. If Canadians knew these things, they would want you to divest from industries profiting from the Occupation.

358Ruth SlavinGuelph, ON

Stop supporting firms selling military vehicles, weapons or equipment to Israeli.

357Edwin JanzenMontreal, QuebecCanada

Canada should work for peace in the Middle East rather than taking sides, especially when taking sides means supporting a highly militarized regional aggressor nation like Israel.

356Murray LumleyToronto, OntarioCanada

My pension should not be at the expense of an occupied and punished people

355Denis CapatosLethbridge, AlbertaCanada

CPP should disinvest from all weapons related industries and from any other unethical businesses e.g. tobacco. CPP should be democratically controlled, disengaged from the stock exchange, and directed towards projects beneficial to the public (rather than to predatory corporations).

354Linda McDowellColdwater, OntarioCanada
353Akhtar AlikhanSudbury, ONCanadaCAUT
352Henry Evans-TenbrinkeHamilton, OntarioCanadaCongress of Union Retirees of Canada

As one who has witnessed first hand the illegal assault on the rights of the Palestinian people, I fully support COAT on this initiative. ( I served as a Human Rights Observer in Palestine with the ISM in 2003)

351Doris CassidyOakville, OntarioCanada
350Margaret SlavinPeterborough, ONCanada

I am aware of the suffering of the people in Gaza. Those I know are not terrorists. Their children need a future, just as the children of Israelis deserve a future too. I strongly do not want to benefit from the arming of Israel.

349Alan SlavinPeterborough, ONCanada

The CPP should not invest in any companies that make armaments. There are lots of other solid investments to choose from.

348Doug KellamVancouver, BCCanada
347Rahim FoudilVancouver, BCCanada
346Michael CarrOttawa, ON.CanadaSAIA
345Elizabeth MarmuraAntigonish, NS
344J E HammillGibson’s Landing, BCCanada
343Terence RowellDartmouth, NSCanada

It is inherently unethical to invest Canadian pension funds in any business operating in Israel or supporting the State of Israel in its theft and occupation of Palestinian lands.

342Violet RosengartenDartmouth, Nova ScotiaCanada
341Susan VermetteOttawa, On.Canada

I would like my tax dollars withdrawn from all military related spending and investment and channeled toward sustainable energy and agricultural initiatives. I would like to see the tax system changed radically to allow people to place their tax dollars where they want them invested.

340Ron HartPicton, OntarioCanada
338Herb GambergHalifax, Nova ScotiaCanada
337Jim GuildHalifax, N.S.Canada
336Rebecca HaynesNorth Vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada

We must work hard to remain neutral in this world.

335Roberta MeilleurCourtenay, BCCanada
334Aya ShibaharaToronto, OntarioCanada
333Gretchen SchwarzMontreal, QuebecCanada

I want my compulsory pension contributions to contribute to peaceful enterprises; not illegal warmongering.

332Leo PedersenQualicum Beach, BCCanada
331Laara WilliamSenSurrey, B.C.CanadaCOAT

As a Canadian from birth and a tax payer and now a senior who receives CPP, I need you to know that the investment of our funds should not be to further war in Israel or any other country for that matter.
Please stop.
Please invest in green technology and sensible non-war, non-earth invasive!!!, companies that are working to restore our environment. This is critical and indeed the future of investing.

330Barbara LiotscosMeaford, ONCanada

I don't think CPP should be investing in arms at all!

329Patricia SkyBurnaby, BCCanada

I object to funding any military aggression such as Israel's position with Palestine. CPP should be invested in funds that benefit humanity and contribute to peaceful solutions to world problems.

328adah millernanaimo, BCCanada
327donald patersonsorrento, bccanada

can't we invest in sometrhing else?

326Madalena SantosOttawa, OntarionCA
325Ray Johnson La Ronge, SaskatchewanCanada
324bob fearnredstone, bccanada
323Mike ReidClarksburg, ONCanada
322Jo PhillipsSooke, B.C.
321zeta hauserottawa, ONCanada
320Ann PerodeauCalgary, ABCanada
319Wayne BradleyCourtenay , BCCanada
318Karen PidcockKaslo, BCCanada

Definitely agree!

317Chris CarterCourtenay, BC
316Janet CsontosToronto, ONCanada
315Judy NorburyCourtenay, BCCanada
314Alan ScarfeCelista, BC
313Charlotte KatesVancouver, BCCanadaBoycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign
312maluki mutongoiMombasa, coastkenya

stop Israel

311Grant CarmichaelToronto, OntarioCanada
310Mairy BeamCaledon, ONCANADA
309allan mcraekamloops, bccanada

What sort of appointed vulture would see earning profits off death and abuse as ethical behaviour?

308Ariela JennStayton, PortlandUSAGlobal Peace Mission


307Ruth NichollVictoria, BCCanadaKairos Canada

No. I do not want to profit from the arms industry, no matter where these instruments of death are to be used. I am more than willing to be a less well-off, if that is the result of Canada divesting from things that kill people. Israel is not innocent of the blood of innocents. Would that it was, but it is not. My government needs to stop deluding itself on that score. The death toll is ten Palestinians to one Jewish Israeli. Acknowledging that is not antisemitic. Not acknowledging that is racist, dishonest, and covers my country, Canada, with shame.

306Joseph WoodhouseOttawa, Oncanada​Concerned Canadian citizen

​This is absolutely outrageous! Who is directly responsible for making these investments? The person or persons making these decisions need to be working under the moral guidance of a strict code of ethics that include not making such questionable investments.
I grew up with the sense that Canada is a great peacekeeping nation. Over the past 11 years I've noticed a tremendous shift in our policies and international involvement, this is quickly leading to Canada loosing it's highly valued place in the minds of people around the world.
Lets start here and now to reverse our flawed and immoral policies and international involvement!!!

305Victor MaltbyCareleton Place, OntarioCanada
304Camille HusseiniOttawa, OntCanada
303Anthony LuccaFort myers, FlUSA

There will be a better way~

302David ThomasRidgeway, OntarioCanada
301Everett ColdwellDartmouth, NSCanada
300Sami ElkhayriLondon, OntarioCanada
299robin lafortunevictoria, bccanada
298Carolyn HerbertVictoria, BCCanada

Carolyn Herbert

297Carlos VargasCalgary, ABCANADA
296Hanna KawasNew Westminster, BCCanadaChairperson, Canada Palestine Association

Shame on Canada

295Zeina SalahSt.Albert, AlbertaCanada
294Kay OsatenkoVernon, BCCanada

I am appalled that the CCP has invested in such illegal practices.

293Helen WattCambridge, ONCanada
292Maire NoonanMontreal, QCCanada

Human rights should be universal.


It's not just Israel. CPP should not be in the arms trade at all!

290Marc LoiselleVonda, SaskatchewanCanadaNational Farmers Union
289Mike BrayIndian Head, SKCanada

Invest in peace, not war.

288Edward WilsonGabriola, B.C.Canada
287Trudy ThorgeirsonDuncan, BC

COAT, C of C, Ceasefire

286Donna StewartNorth Vancouver, B.C.Canada
285Phyllis ReeveGabrioka, BCCanada
284John & Elizabeth BeechingVancouver, BCCanadaCPS. CPA
283Suzanne WeissToronto, OntarioCANADANot In Our Name (NION) Jews Opposing Zionism
282Richard Douglass-ChinHamilton, OntarioCanadaUniversity of Windsor

"Homeland security" has got to be the most abused word in the English language right now. Please exercise moral conscience in the way you are investing and divest from firms that help Israel acquire weapons with which to perpetuate its state of Apartheid.

281Melanie MacKenzieThunder Bay, OntarioCanada
280Shelley Cooper-StephensonSaskatoon, SK
279Nancy HeuleEdmonton, ABCanada

Really - tut - tut - aren't we Canadians stupid - we preach peace but do little to support it. This is a chance to do so.

278Imad HusseiniOttawa, OntarioCanada
277Harold RemusWaterloo, ONCanada
276Mordecai BriembergBurnaby, British Columbia

The Harper government's full-court press to militarize Canadian society, includes its pledge of loyal support for Israel's barbarous treatment of the Palestinian people. In the name of justice for them, and peace for all people of that region, I encourage people to sign this petition, and campaign for its implementation.

275Wayne LessardWindsor, ONcANADANONE
274Bruce ElkinVictoria, BCBC
273Stan SquiresVancouver, British Columbiacanada

The CPP shouldn't be investing their money in companys and orgs.that do buisness with the Apartheid Israeli Gov.

272Gordon FlettVancouver, B.C.Canada
271Colleen CameronAntigonish, Nova ScotiaCanada
270Ahmad AliSaskatoon, SKCanada
269Simon SchopmanSalt spring island, BCCanada
268Heather WilkinsonCourtenay, BCCanada

Please stop investing my money in arms and violence.

267Jackie MacDonaldVictoria, BCCanada
266Tia PierToronto, On.Canada

Canadians should absolutely be aware of and free to choose not to support the purchase of arms and other foreign military gear that is being done with Canadian funds amassed through the the CPP! It's outrageous that this has come to pass and is still underway.

265Brian DannielsToronto, OntarioCanada
264Bernie KoenigLondn, OntarioCanada

As a person of Jewish background, I have been very critical of how the Israeli govt has been acting towards its Palestinian natives and towards its neighbors

263Simon Granovsky-LarsenRegina, SKCanada
262Liam LavelleVIctoria, BCCanada
261Nancy O'ConnorToronto, ON
260Ayana McDonaldVictoria, B.C.Canada
259Ray MorrisSalmon Arm, BCCanada
258Linda ScherzingerHalifax, NSCanada
257Anke van LeeuwenVictoria, BCCanada
256RIchard DayKingston, ONCanada

At the same time, perhaps you can stop helping Israel defeat attempts by Canadians to bring aid to Palestinians?

255Marjorie GibsonKanata, OntarioCanada
254Richard GuillemetteDDO, QCCanada

no more money for the racist state of israel

253Frank ShowlerToronto, OntarioCanada
252mahmoud abdelalmontreal, quebeccanada

This is a disgrace from the country that first created the blue hats.

251Melissa ParrottLondon, ON
250Melanie BrownLondon, OntarioCanada
249Sakinah Hasibrichmond hill, ontariocanada
248Michiko Bown-KaiLondon, OntarioCanada

I believe we can do better than this.

247Elizabeth BustardIngersoll, OntarioCanadaUnited Church of Canada

Shame, Shame, Shame. Let us invest in things of which we can be proud.

246Mike GiffordOttawa, OnCanada

This is just so damning for Canada when it comes to speaking to issues of peace.

245Noor RahimtoolaRichmond Hill, OntarioCanada
244Samar JubranBaghdad, BaghdadIraq
243Fritz FriesingerLac des Iles, QuebecCanada
242David HeapLondon, OntarioCanada
241Valerie VeillardSaskatoon, SKCA
240Karen DeVitoVancouver, BCCanada

I would prefer to eat dog food than to have my pension fund invest in companies that support apartheid.

239Norah MenziesRockwood, OnCanada
238Michael NenonenVancouver, BCCanada
237Shiraz RehmaniRichmond Hill, OntarioCanada
236paul lavalleevancouver, bc
235Jeffrey NeilsonVictoria, BCCanada

I am utterly disgusted by this.
You must divorce your religious beliefs from your political practice.


We should be investing in sustainable, ethical and peaceful firms.

233William GriffithEgmont, BCCanada
232Steve MeikleToronto, OntarioCanada
231Asmaa HassanEdmonton, AB CANADA
230Dave BarberDelhi, ONCanada
229Franki HarrogateEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
228Brian ThornPeterborough, ON
227Catherine VerrallRegina, Sask.Canada

CPP funds must not do harm!

226Anthony HitsmanKegaska, Quebec
225John GilbertsToronto, Ont.Canada

No funding of ZIonism! Free Palestine!

224M.E. DuncanOttawa, ONCanada

None of my savings are to be invested in unethical businesses--especially in warmongering military suppliers.

223Brian CampbellVancouver. , BCCanada
222Roberta HumbleRegina, SKCanada

Investing in arms is not in the best interest of Canadians. Investments like this demonstrate that the CPP Investment Board's Policy on Responsible Investing is a facade that does not take ESG factors seriously. It is an embarassment to Canadian citizens that our money supports such investments

221Martha RubenOttawa, ONCanada
220Sabin NinglekhuToronto, OntarioCanada
219Emily EatonRegina, SaskatchewanCanada
218Mohsin LadhaMarkham, OntarioCanada
217Rev. Frances DeverellOttawa, ONCanadaCanadian Unitarians For Social Justice

It is time to use economic pressure to stop the unreasonable use of force against Palestinians by Israel.

216Lang LiuToronto, OntarioCanada
215Norman LiuToronto, OntarioCanada
214Lee PiepgrassToronto, ON
213Daniel Thau-EleffWinnipeg, MBCanada
212Lianne SlaughterOttawa, OnCanada
211Jamelie HassanLondon, ONCanada
210Judy GilbertToronto, ONCanadaMember of Toronto Monthly Meeting of Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
209Marie-Odile LiuRichmond, OntarioCanada
208Glenn HodginsHemmingford, QuebecCanada
207Robert FreemanBuckhorn, OntarioCanada
206Krystyna RossToronto, OnCanada
205Susan FisherOttawa, ONCanada
204Jamie KneenOttawa, ONCanada
203walid kabbanilaval, quebeccanada


202Jessie AmeryLondon, OntarioCanada

Ethical investment of my tax dollars not military, police or surveillance and prison spending. Please. This government's current political, cultural and economic positions with respect to the middle east are unbalanced and unethical. Signed Jessie Amery

201Brenda StaleyHamilton, OntarioCanada

I do not believe our money should help other countries.

200Inayat DayaBrampton, ontCanada
199Vernon BachorEdmonton, AlbertaCanada

The Canadian Myth of peace keeping is shattered when our national 'pension' is invested in a means of oppression that makes our Residential School history, which inspired and influenced S African Apartheid, look almost humane. As a Canadian citizen, born an raised, I am disgusted by the actions of our government. Where is the investment in our nations future, in our nations people, in our development of prosperous alternative future technologies? By investing in War/"security" we are assuring that there will be no future for our children and their children.

198Syed AkhtarAustin, TXUSA

Doing business with the firms supplying military equipment to Isreal is being a partner in Isreali occupation of Paletine.

197Bonnie BlackToronto, ON
196Arthur O'ConnorShepperton, MiddlesexUnited Kingdom

The internationsl boycott on racist apartheid Israel must be observed.

195Ron BrydgesSt. Catharines, ONCanada

If there ever was a legitimacy for sanctions this would be it. Supporting the arms industry in their supplying arms to a known terrorist country that has an extensive history of military aggression against its neighbours is a grevious crime.

194Eveline BoysenGabriola, B.C.Canada
193sheryl nestelToronto, OntarioCanadaIndependent Jewish Voices
192Douglas AltonMississauga, ONCanadaPhysicians for Global Survival

Investment in compnaies manufacturing nuclear weapons is equally socially irresponsible.

191Margery DahnLunenburg, Nova ScotiaCanada
190Hammam FarahToronto, OntarioCanada
189Stephan PoirierWhitehorse, YukonCanada

Please don`t use my money that I had work for to supply war related action.
Act peacefully now.
Stéphan Poirier

188Dan MorrisonOttawa, ONCanada

Giving military products to Israel will make things worse, not better.

187Ghulam SajanThornhill, OntarioCanada
186Duane BordenBurlington, ON

The investments are disgusting and must be discontinued

185Elizabeth BriembergBurnaby, BC
184Anne LevesqueInverness, Nova ScotiaThe Council of Canadians
183Jay EidemillerMontreal, QuebedCanada
182Derek WattsWolfville, Nova ScotiaCa
181Amir RazaHannon, ONCanada

Please don't use our money for the Israel's military and weapons for killing innocent people.

180Safdar NooraniMarkham, OntarioCanada
179Carla WongToronto, OntarioCanada
178A BrookOttawa, ON
177Harry SmallerToronto, OnCanada
176Jean E,. LeeToronto, OntarioCanadaHoly LaND aWARENESS AND aCTION tASK gROUP


175John LissToronto, ONCanada
174Eric MillsToronto, Ont.canada

Canada should stand for human rights, not aggression and transgression against international law.

173Norman CheadleSudbury, OntarioCanada
172Terence HeapsBurnaby, BCCanada
171Robin BrownlieWinnipeg, Manitoba
170Fahed IsmailVancouver, BCCanada

We should be more ethical with what we are doing with Canadian taxpayers money. This specific investment is not a fair representation of Canadian interest.

169Eleanor HartWoodstock, On.Canada
168Terry GreenbergQuathiaski Cove, BCCanada

There are more decent ways to earn money. Please let Canada stand up for decency again.

167Mohammad JafferyRegina, SKCanada
166John MailhotRegina, SaskCanada
165Janis AltonMississauga, ONCanadaCdn. Voice of Women for Peace

It is imperative that Canada not support regimes which defy the UN, humanitarian law and international human rights standards.

164David ThomasSackville, NB
163Ian AngusVancouver, BCCanadaSimon Fraser University
162Christopher LevensonVancouver , BC
161Elizabeth BlockToronto, ONCanadaNot In Our Name (NION): Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism; Independent Jewish Voices; Quakers

Shocked and appalled, but not surprised in the least.

160Ian MacCuishVictoria, BCCanada
159Wilfrid DenisSaskatoon, SKCanada

The Canada Pension Plan should not be a political tool to be used at the whim of the Government. As common pension fund for all Canadians, it should represent all Canadians and not just the political position of a select few.

158Liz CarlyleWinnipeg, MBCanada
157Sylvie PaquerotMontréal, québecCanada
156Nadeem LawjiKitchener, OnCanadaKW Anti-Torture Coalition
155Donna ChovanecEdmonton, AB
154Nancy LauderKanata, ONCanada
153Marie-Josée MassicotteGatineau, QcCanada
152Janet HudginsVancouver, BC
151K. JirgensWindsor, Ont.CanadaUniv. of Windsor

Any investment in oppressive governments is entirely unacceptable.

150Sarah SchmidtNanaimo, BC
149Judy GirardOttawa, OntarioCanada
148Ann CameronBowen Island, BCCanada
147Abby LippmanMontreal, QC
146Sheila PrattMaple Ridge, BCCanada
145Helga MankovitzKingston, OntarioCanadaIndependent Jewish Voices
144Muhammad Ali KhalidiToronto, ONCanada
143Jim AtkinsAjax, OntgCanada
142Andrew GillertOttawa, OntarioCanada
141Tory JamesWindsor, ON.CanadaFirst Nations Onieda

Show Leadership in stopping this aparthate Canada.

140Aidan MacdonaldOttawa, OntarioCanada
139Mike BurkeToronto, OntarioCanadaDepartment of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University
138Oona PadghamToronto, ONCanada
136Allen GundersonToronto, OntarioCanada
135Catherine BettsFredericton, N.B.Canada
134Micheline BeaudryLaval, QcCanada
133judy haivenhalifax, NScanadaIndependent Jewish Voices-Canada

This is appalling. Canada Pension Plan has no business investing in companies that prop up Israel's oppression of Palestinians.

132ralph Gastmeierkitchnener, ONCanada
131Hugh BallemMontreal, QCCanada
130Abdul PiraniValleyfield, QuebecCanada
129charis wahltoronto, ontario

CPP should not be investing in ANY military goods and/or services

128Ehab LotayefMontreal, QuebecCanada
127Xiaobei ChenOttawa, ONCanadaCarleton University
126Genevieve DumasSydenham, OncANADA
125Garry PotterWaterloo, OntarioCanada
124Sabri AssaliMontreal, QcCanada

Stop investing in terrorism

123Jeffery EwenerToronto, ON
122Gary Kinsman Sudbury, Ontario Canada Palestine Solidarity Working Group
121Doreen FumiaToronto, ON
120J.J. McMurtryGuelph, ONCanada
119John WarrenToronto, ONCanada

I did not work and contribute to fund the military regardless of which military! I protest - Fund peace dividend industry.

118Peter EglinKitchener, ONCanada

Please respect law and order.

117Margaret PappanoKingston, ONCanada
116Bill ShpikulaToronto, OntarioCanada
115Thomas LamarreMontreal, QCCanada
114Mary EverrettNiagara Falls, On

As contributer we should have some say in chosing the fund managers that best reflect our values.

113Rashmi LutherOttawa, ONCanadaFaculty for Palestine (F4P)
112Toba BryantToronto, OntarioCanada
111Naomi BinderToronto, OntarioCanada
110Anita BlockToronto, ONcanadaMember of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) Toronto

CPP must divest from companies that support the Israeli occupation, now!

109Natalie RothmanToronto, ONTorontoUniversity of Toronto
108Larry MartinOttawa, ONCanadaDevelopMent & Peace
107Deborah CookToronto, ON
106Jenny CarterPeterborough, OntarioCanada
105Kiran Razawindsor, ontario
104Mary-Jo NadeauToronto, OntarioCanada
103Harold ShusterWinnipeg, Manitoba
102Elizabeth GuthrieToronto, ONCanada
101Geoff MartinSackville, NBCanada
100Rolph EnglerSwastika, OntarioCanadaFGBI
99Ahmed ChaabanBrossard, QuebecCanada
98Shane MierschToronto, OntarioCanada
97Brenda PappaOttawa, OntarioCanada

Dear Finance Minister Flaherty and members of the CPP Investment Board,

I have just signed a petition expressing my conviction that the Canada Pension Fund should divest from companies that supply Israel with military, police, surveillance and/or prison related products.

By continuing to hold shares in such companies, the CPPIB remains complicit in aiding and abetting Israel's violations of international law.

Please ensure that the CPP divest from such companies.

The petition and the research that inspired it can be accessed here:

Yours sincerely,

Brenda Pappa

96Stephen PenderWindsor, OntarioCanada
95Rob GordonStratford, ONCanada

Stop investing in the negative-war, torture, illegal occupation!!!

94John AndersonNanaimo, B.C.CanadaCriminology Department, Vancouver Island University

I hope all Canadians are aware of our support for corporate arms trafficking and what it means for Palestine.

93ronnee jaegerToronto, Ont.CanadaUnited Jewish Peoples Order

An important connection in the chain of creating a humane world. A better world is possible if we connect the links

92Saleem ShabanRichmond Hill, ONCanada

Canada openly supporting a state which clearly violates human rights is not acceptable to Canadians

91Therese PoliquinMontreal, QuebecCanada
90Lavina ShawPort Coquitlam, BCCanada

I am very much opposed to my CPP investment being used for military purposes.

89Joanna ZilselGibsons, BCCanada

I am a woman of Jewish heritage who lost family members to the Nazi Holocaust and who lived in Israel for several years as a young child. In March 2009 I visited Gaza as a member of an international peace delegation, and witnessed first hand the devastation wrought there by Israel's 22 day assault, 'Operation Cast Lead': hospital wings destroyed by white phosphorous; food warehouses burned to the ground; mosques, schools, sewage treatment plants and entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble by Israeli bombs, all in violation of international law. I implore the CPP board to divest from any company involved in Israeli military activities..

88Barry WeislederToronto, OntarioSocialist Action
87Abbas SyedScarborough, ONCanada

M/s Falherty, Harper, Kenny , go and spend your money to please your ZXoinist masters please do not spend my money.

86Bob SettleEdmonton, AlbertaCanada
85Chris McDowellVancouver, BCCanada

I don't want Canada's PP to fund violence of any kind, anywhere.

84Michael KeeferToronto, OntarioCanada
83Mark GoldenWinnipeg, MB

I am proud to sign this petition as a Canadian and a Jew.

82Amy DillonOttawa, OntarioCanada
81Ann ButtrickGabriola, BCCanada
80Carol LangBx, , New YorkUSA
79Kamal MattarToronto, ONCanada

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere

78Fran SchillerOttawa, OntarioCANADA

Not with my money!

77Wendy StrachanGabriola Island, BCCanada
76Joseph FirakLa Ronge, SkCanada
75Nav MundiMississauga, ONT

What a shame that you, as elected officials DO NOT even have the conscions to investigate these issues on your own. And that it takes a public outcry for you to take a stance on these issue. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

I hope your childeren and grandchilderen are taught one day in public schools that UNDER YOUR WATCH the candian government invested in these corporations on THEIR (AND OUR) behalf.


74Bob RussellVancouver, BCCanada
73Pat MontagueToronto, ONCanada
72Smadar CarmonToronto, OntarioCanadaJewish-Israeli
71Florence StrattonRegina, SKCanadaMaking Peace Vigil, Regina

By adopting a very one-sided, war-promoting approach to the Middle East, Canada has become complicit in the horrifying humanitarian tragedy in Gaza and the bloodshed on both sides of the conflict.

70Jason KuninToronto, ONCanada
69Joanne OlafsonEdmonton, ABCanada
68Siusaidh CaimbeulMontreal, QCCanadaRetired professor of history
67Bob NyeOttawa, On.CanadaLegion

peace, not war

66Dennis ChoptianyMarkham, OntarioCanada

I welcome disclosures like this. Please keep up the good work.

65Alisa GayleToronto, Ontario

As a Jewish supporter of human rights I am appalled to find out that the CPP is investing in these firms that are responsible for the deaths of innocent Palestinians.

64George NevilleOttawa, OntarioCanadaPloughshares Ottawa

COAT is to be commended for exposing such unethical investing by the CPP!

63Mandy BergmanToronto, ON
62jake javanshirtoronto, onNION- Not in our name, Jewish voices opposing Zionism,

It's about time that Canadians will realise the injustices which are done by Israel and stand up against it by forcing organizations, pension plans and others to divest from companies who support the occupation and ethnic cleansing by Israel.

61arshad khanmontreal, qccanadaCUPE

No investment in the military industrial complex please!

60Asif QuadriBrampton, OntarioCanada
59Khaled MouammarRichmond Hill, OntarioCanada
58Brenda LewisGuelph, Ontario
57Lynne CohenMontreal, QuebecCanada
56Shira AvniMontreal, QuebecCanada
55Elisabeth UrtnowskiMontreal, QuebecCanada
54Andrew LuggMontreal, QuebecCanada
53Anne MeneleyToronto, OntarioCanada

Please visit Palestine and see for yourself the damage that has been done!

52Blair LewisVancouver, BCCanada
51Martha RothVancouver, BCCanadaIndependent Jewish Voices

I am disappointed that Canada places its citizens in the position of profiting from this illegal occupation.

50Brydon GombayToronto, ONCanadaScience for Peace

Just as in the case of withdrawing pension support from apartheid South Africa, withdrawal of support by CPP could help move Israel's policies towards more positive change for all.

49sawa georgeToronto, ONcanada

As a contributor to the CPP I am absolutely appalled that Canada is investing in companies that supply israel with military and prison products. This is a shameful day for Canada!

48Gary KeenanVancouver , B.C.Canada

By investing in firms that supply Israel with military, police, surveillance and prison-related products and services, the Canadian Pension Plan is complict in Israel's belligerent, illegal and brutal occupations of Palestinian and other Arab lands and its well documented violations of hard-won international humanitarian law.

47Johnny RobertsSt. Catharines, OntarioCanadaindividual
46Gordon MurrayVancouver, BC
45Marguerite WarnerWinnipeg, ManitobaCanadaPeace Alliance Winnipeg
44Charles GrahamVancouver, BCCanada
43Kevin NeishVictoria, B.C.
42Andrea SummersMontreal, Quebec
41Theresa WolfwoodVictoria, BC
40William AlmolkyNelson, B.C.

This is shocking to hear.

39Jean-Pierre TurcottePort Coquitlam, BC

...this is appalling!

38Judith DeutschToronto, OntarioIndependent Jewish Voices

It's incredibly shameful that pension funds would rely on businesses that aim to kill, maim, and spy on people.

37Edwin DanielVictoria, BCVictoria Coalition against Israeli Apartheid

Divestment is a strong and peaceful tool to help end Israel's Occupation or Palestine and its siege ot Gaza

36Freda KnottVictoria, BCIndependent Jewish Voices

I have just returned from Israel and have seen the destruction caused by the Israeli military.

35Frances EverettVictoria, British Columbia
34maurice dufourmontreal, quebec
33rizwan aliToronto, Ont

Please do not investment our CPP money to Israeli arms and trade company

32David LidovToronto, ON
31larry HannantVictoria, BC
30David DouglasGuelph, Ontario

We all have difficulties in 'cleaning' our personal, family and other investments. This, however, does not relieve us of the moral responsibility to attempt to do so. The same applies to our country and our collective investment we call the CPP. This is not an anti-Semitic initiative, or an anti-Israel initiative. It is about morality in public policy and social justice.

29saiyid hasnainajax, ontario
28Lilian PateyWindsor, OntarioClergy, United Church of Canada

Please work for Justice for all.

27Kazim MirzaMarkham, ON
26Trevor Goodger-HillTrottier Mills, QcCitizens of the World


25Ali RamezaniOttawa, On
24Tim QuigleySaskatoon, Saskatchewan
23Khurrkam AbbasDoha, Doha
22ali kamanirichmond hill, ontario
21Musi SirajMarkham, ON
19Joan RussowVictoria, BCGlobal compliance Research Project

It is unconscionable that the CPP should invest in militarism

18Pauli SommerDungannon, ON

There is so much information available for anyone anywhere who takes the time to do the research regarding Israel's rogue militarists and their manipulations to maintain permanent wars and to sell security/surveillanceor prison related products and services throughout the world in order to line the pockets of the profiteers of war and fear mongering that CPP ought to be ashamed of this investment.

17Marie CampbellVictoria, BC
16Brenda NicholHalifax, NS
15Masud SheikhOakville, ON
14Dr Sam NoumoffChateauguay, Qc
13Charles SampsonSydney Forks, Nova Scotia
12Eric ShraggeMontreal, Quebec
11Susan ArabOttawa, Ontario
10Brenda ConroyKetch Harbour, NS
9Lisa MerryPointe-Claire, QC
8krishna e beraottawa, algonquin territory

boycott, DIVESTMENT, sanctions

7Dan MaitlandGuelph, Ontario
6Thomas CorbettKingston, NS
5John ValleauToronto, OntarioScience for Peace
4lesley levymontreal, qCIJV
3Bill SkidmoreOttawa , Ontario
2Sid ShniadSurrey, BC
1Richard SandersOttawa, ONCoalition to Oppose the Arms Trade


Note:  Group affiliations listed above do not imply endorsement of this petition.

  • Learn more!  This petition is based on research by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) which has been published in a 54-page report called:

“Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:
CPP Investments in Corporations Supporting Israel’s Military, Police, Surveillance, Prison-Industrial Complex (Part 1)”

Organisational Endorsements:   This Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) petition has been officially endorsed by:

Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians
Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

Halifax Peace Coalition

Holy Land Awareness and Action (A Task Group of SW Presbytery in Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada)
Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Ottawa Raging Grannies
Palestinian Canadian Congress

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

Science for Peace
Victoria Raging Grannies