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This petition is based on Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) research which reveals that in 2011, the CPP had about $1.5 billion worth of shares in 66 large, international companies that supply Israel with military, police, surveillance and/or prison-related products and services.  This research is published as issue #66 of COAT’s 54-page magazine, Press for Conversion!  This issue is called:
“Profiting from Israeli Apartheid:

CPP Investments in Corporations Supporting Israel’s Military/Police/Surveillance/Prison Industrial Complex (Part 1)”

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The COAT website has a wealth of material on diverse anti-war issues.  For instance you can read dozens of previous issues of COAT’s magazine online!  You can also find data on Canadian military exports to the Middle East or peruse a database revealing billions in Canadian weapons contracts to the United States.

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